Since we started Tavour, our team has scoured the country in search of the very best craft beer out there — from the far reaches of Anchorage, Alaska, where they make some of the most sought-after Barleywines, to Portland, Maine, home of the Witbier that popularized the style in the U.S.

We’ve been blown away by the endless innovation that drives the craft beer community. The rise of “Slushy” Sour Ales, stateside Lambics with a tradition all their own, decadent Stouts brewed with marshmallow fluff — and who would’ve thought PB&J beers would delight so many craft fans from coast to coast?!

Through it all, we’ve listened to what craft beer enthusiasts want — that’s why we travel to the source to taste beers that are beloved in their regions. We work with over 650 craft breweries to keep their brew tanks full and help them reach new fans. All while delivering deliciously-crafted beers to those who appreciate them the most.


At Tavour, we do the searching for you, giving you easy access to a wide range of craft brews, from across state lines.


Taste the extra care brewers put into every IPA, Stout, and Sour Ale. Explore tried-and-true classic beer styles and trend-setting hybrids, from some of the country’s best breweries!


Independent craft breweries take great pride in the art of brewing. When you choose to support indie beer, you’re helping fuel dedication, passion, and innovation.


Top-notch craft beers delivered directly to your door. No trips to the store wandering the aisles, — you don’t even have to put on pants to drink the best beers!


You get a VIP invite into the craft beer community. Discover outstanding beers, support indie breweries, and flaunt your beer haul a little, too!

Explore some of the incredible breweries available through Tavour!

Allagash Brewing Co.

Allagash is among the most celebrated, most imitated, most relevant breweries in America today. But when Rob Tod decided to focus on Belgian-style beers way back in 1995, he didn’t know he was about to change the face of our country’s brewing scene forever.

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Parish Brewing Co.

From jazz to jambalaya, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to visit The Bayou State. Now, thanks to Parish Brewing, there’s one more — incredible craft beer! Parish is one of the breweries that kick-started the southern craft movement, particularly in Louisiana.

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Aslin Beer Company

The Washington Post says Aslin Beer Co. makes the D.C. area’s “best and buzziest craft beers!” It’s easy to see why — the Virginia brewery is renowned for incorporating unique ingredients into a wide variety of beer styles.

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Blackstack Brewing

At Minnesota’s BlackStack Brewing, beer is all about family. Patriarch Scott Johnson co-founded the operation in 2017, along with his entire clan! His wife Shawne is the CEO, his eldest son Murphy is instrumental in recipe creation and brewing, while also handling marketing. Cooper, Scott’s younger son, works in operations while also running his own brewpub, the Bricksworth Beer co. in Burnsville, MN.

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Equilibrium Brewing

Craft brewing is as much science as it is art. But it isn’t often that you have a bonafide scientist making beer. Meet Pete Oates of Equilibrium Brewing in Middletown, New York. When Pete applies his vast scientific understanding to the brewing process, it results in truly exceptional brews! That’s because before releasing his first beer to the public in 2017, he spent years as an engineer, working to bring clean water to people in Haiti, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. In fact, he has a PhD in Water Chemistry from MIT!

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Mikerphone Brewing

“The brewery is kind of blending my two passions in life — beer and music.” So says Mike Pallen, founder of one of the hottest breweries in the Chicagoland area. Walk into the taproom at Mikerphone, and you’ll immediately understand how much Pallen’s previous career — marketing and licensing in the music industry — has influenced his foray into the world of craft beer.

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Moonraker Brewing

When choosing a grand opening day back in 2016, Dan and Karen Powell kept coming back to one particular date — Earth Day. “This day was important to us because we not only wanted to create quality beer for consumers to enjoy, but we wanted to find a way to minimize our carbon footprint,” the former homebrewers say. 

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