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Our Mission

We are a group of craft beer nerds, pioneering a new way to connect breweries with communities of passionate craft beer lovers.

We primarily sell beer via our app for iOS and Android. Each day we provide the opportunity for our community members to try beers from breweries they wouldn’t normally have access to. Every beer we offer sells out quickly in a flash sale format.

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Connect with new markets, no strings attached

Tavour is a steward for your brand and beer. We will connect you to craft beer fans outside your current reach. There are no contracts or franchise agreements, we want to help you grow and be successful at your own pace.

We ensure your beers are consumed fresh

Tavour is committed to connecting craft beer fans to drink fresh beers quicker than anyone else ever has. We work with your production schedule to arrange pickup the day of packaging whenever possible. Our team will coordinate all shipping logistics, no need to worry.

Great Craft Beer. Period.

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