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One of a kind brews you can't get locally

Our beer selection is constantly evolving, with new beers from the country's top breweries dropping on the app every day. Check out some of our favorite drops below.

DDH Double Citra Daydream from Other Half

Other Half has a big reputation in the juicy IPA game — really BIG. Hop Culture calls them the #1 Best Brewery for Hazy IPAs in Brooklyn. VinePair praises them as one of the Most Important Breweries of the Decade. Even Men’s Journal gives the “perpetually hyped” brewery a shoutout. Pretty much everything from them is great, but this 4.45-rated Hazy might be one of their best.

A Deal with the Devil (2022) from Anchorage

Rated an astronomical 4.83 on Tavour…Ranked the #2 American Barleywine on BeerAdvocate with a perfect 100/100 score…Anchorage’s A Deal With the Devil Double Oaked is on Tavour! This absolute bucket list beer is one of the most sought-after brews from Anchorage, whose world-famous dark beers disappear almost as soon as they appear.

Hydra | Pink Guava + Mango + Pineapple from Mortalis

Mortalis is responsible for 12 of the Top 25 Smoothie Sours on Untappd — including this one! And that count doesn’t even include the four more top-ranking brews they collaborated on.

Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer

The North Texas taste masters at Martin House start with a refreshingly tart and citrusy Gose base. Then, they use locally-sourced, real dill pickle juice to infuse the mildly sweet n’ sour base with all the salty, briny character we love! This unique brew never lasts long, and with so many fans queue-cumber-ing up to get their hands on it, you’ll need to act fast to snag some cans!  

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