Beyond the Bottle

When choosing a grand opening day back in 2016, Dan and Karen Powell kept coming back to one particular date — Earth Day. 

“This day was important to us because we not only wanted to create quality beer for consumers to enjoy, but we wanted to find a way to minimize our carbon footprint,” the former homebrewers say. 

While seeking to explore a wide range of beer styles with their new brewery, the Powells kept sustainability in mind: “When constructing the brewhouse, we opted for an electric boiler, something most breweries wouldn't dream of.”

Going green didn’t stop at the boiler either. The crew now has over 1,100 solar panels on their property in Auburn, CA, which generate enough electricity to make beer, operate the taproom, and even charge up a surplus! 

In addition to being an industry leader on the eco front, Moonraker was also among the first California breweries to brew and sell canned Hazy IPAs. Now most of the craft brewers in the state have followed suit. 

Though as Craft Beer & Brewing noted when naming Moonraker a ‘Breakout Brewer’ in 2019, the brewers create “buzz with Hazy IPAs but prove equally adept at mastering classic styles.” Now with master brewer Brad Johnson helming day-to-day operations, the Powells and the rest of the Moonraker team offers an extensive repertoire of Stouts, Sours, Pale Ales, and all kinds of IPAs.

Hazy or not, the future is bright for these industry innovators! 


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