Beyond the Bottle

The Washington Post says Aslin Beer Co. makes the D.C. area’s “best and buzziest craft beers!”

It’s easy to see why — the Virginia brewery is renowned for incorporating unique ingredients into a wide variety of beer styles. Sous Chef, for example, is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout conditioned on waffles, blueberries, marshmallows, and cacao nibs. Then there’s the How Now Brown Cow series of Milk Stouts, with additions like maple syrup, coffee, baking spices, and even pumpkin! On the lighter side, the brewers explore various Pilsner and Lager styles with different hop and malt combinations. 

The brewery is even recognized for helping bring the Hazy IPA craze to the region! With favorites like Master of Karate — an 8.4% ABV Imperial IPA “karate chopped” with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Amarillo Hops — and the wildly popular DDH Neutrino — a 6.4% ABV IPA hopped exclusively with Galaxy — Aslin’s more than proved itself a master of the style.

The brewery’s immense reputation is quite a jump from when it first launched in 2015. Initially, the brewers figured they’d open a fun little taproom with a two-barrel brewhouse in the tiny suburb of Herndon. Once the public got a taste of their flavor-forward taplist, however, Aslin’s popularity exploded. Release day lines wrapped around the block!

The traffic was so intense that Aslin made the difficult decision to shut down the crowded taproom and become a production-only brewery. This only intensified the hype for the brewery’s luscious creations. Just a few years later, Aslin’s taproom roared back into existence, along with a new location in nearby Alexandria to help meet the ever-growing demand. 

While Aslin’s small batches and attention to detail mean their brews can be tough to locate outside of the mid-Atlantic, their fandom continues to grow. But no matter how delectable or popular the selections get, for the brewers, it’s all just another day of pursuing their goal of “offering world-class beer that pushes innovation and creativity.” 


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