From jazz to jambalaya, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to visit The Bayou State. Now, thanks to Parish Brewing, there’s one more — incredible craft beer!

Parish is one of the breweries that kick-started the southern craft movement, particularly in Louisiana. Before founder Andrew Godley challenged state regulators a few years ago, breweries in the state weren’t even allowed to open their own taprooms.

While Godley’s legal efforts have certainly boosted brewing on the bayou, it’s his chuggable contributions that really changed the game. Before Parish burst onto the scene, practically nobody paid attention to Louisiana craft!

That all changed in 2014 with the initial release of Ghost in the Machine IPA. While the beer's rise to prominence seemed sudden at the time, Godley and his team actually spent years testing different hopping methods to create it. 

“We just did all these processes,” he explains. “Test after test after test for like two years.”

The hop-drenched result proved well worth the effort — Ghost went on to win a plethora of awards, including an Editor’s Pick award from Craft Beer & Brewing, and inclusion as one of Wine Enthusiast’s Top 25 Beers of 2020!

And this brewery is no one-trick-pony. The time, care, and dedication they put into Ghost is representative of how they craft all their beers. Like their beloved Rêve Coffee Stout, made with locally roasted beans from their friends at Rêve Coffee Roasters. Or their GABF Gold Medal-winning Pure Tropics Hazy IPA.

The Parish crew doesn’t limit themselves to classic styles, either. They constantly experiment with releases like Strawberry Cane Break Fruited Wheat Beer, and their SIPS series of Fruited Berliner Weisse, which comes in flavors like Grenache Grape and Raspberry and the mimosa-inspired Parish Sunrise. 

As they continue to innovate, creating new and novel flavor experiences, it seems that Parish will be at the forefront of their local scene for years to come. As if a trip to Louisiana wasn’t tempting enough already!


Andrew Godley and his crew are just one of the creative, independent brewery teams you can support by getting beer delivery through Tavour. When you snag one of Parish’s unique, small-batch brews off the app, you can take it easy, postpone that trip to Louisiana, and know you’re sipping top-quality suds. Plus, every sip you enjoy (or share with your buddies) supports small, American-grown businesses that provide good jobs and great beer within their communities.