At Minnesota’s BlackStack Brewing, beer is all about family.

Patriarch Scott Johnson co-founded the operation in 2017, along with his entire clan! His wife Shawne is the CEO, his eldest son Murphy is instrumental in recipe creation and brewing, while also handling marketing. Cooper, Scott’s younger son, works in operations while also running his own brewpub, the Bricksworth Beer co. in Burnsville, MN.

Even Murphy and Cooper’s little sister Quinn got involved covering environmental efficiency — a gig she picked up at just 16 years old!

Together, the family set out to craft brews that adhere to their long standing ‘no shortcuts’ philosophy. That means working directly with producers to get the best hops possible, and using the finest ingredients, like Tahitian vanilla, to craft unique, flavorful beers in an ever-evolving range of styles.

To pursue that goal even more effectively, the brewery added Mat Waddell to the team in 2019. The former head brewer and co-owner of the famed Wild Mind Artisan Ales took over BlackStack’s mixed fermentation program, transforming their already excellent Sour Ale game into something truly world class!

Not surprisingly, this Minnesota crew brings the flavor no matter what they’re making! From their Now Presenting: series of fruited sours, packed with ingredients like mango, pineapple, and passionfruit, to their Blotz American Lager.

But what really keeps fans coming back is BlackStack’s nectrous, tropical IPAs like the beloved Local 755 — the closest thing this constantly-changing crew has to a flagship brew. For those in search of something a little bigger, they make Imperial Hazies too — the 12.5% ABV Murk Merchants brings enough juice to keep any hophead’s taste buds entertained!

While craft fans outside of the upper midwest are still hard-pressed to find brews from BlackStack, the beer world is certainly taking notice. Hop Culture called this crew out as one of the best hidden gem breweries in the country, and City Pages listed them among Minnesota’s finest.

With a commitment to quality and a flair for the unusual, it seems that BlackStack is destined to remain at the front of the craft beer pack for years to come. We can’t wait to see what they do next!


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