Notice to Collect

Information Collected:
Personal Information is information that we directly associate with an identifiable person or entity, such as name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, username, demographic information (such as date of birth, age and gender), payment information (including credit card numbers or online payment services numbers), financial information (such as bank account numbers), purchase history and location information (often from the device on which you use our site or mobile applications). Personal information may also include information you provide us through feedback, images uploaded to the service, and any ratings, comments, or reviews posted on the service. We may obtain Personal Information about you from various sources, such as this and other websites and mobile applications, third parties and when you call or email us or interact with us via social media. You may also submit Personal Information to us in other ways, such as participating in online surveys, promotions, contests and sweepstakes, subscribing to newsletters and other offerings through the Tavour website.

How we May Use Information:
We may use the Personal Information we collect for the following purposes
1. For our everyday business purposes, such as establishing and managing your customer account, responding to your inquiries, providing products and services you request, processing and collecting payments and providing customer support
2. To provide information about our business and offer our Products or Services to you
3. To communicate about, and administer your participation in, special events, programs, surveys, contests, sweepstakes and other offers or promotions
4. To enable you to interact with Tavour and our customers through our app, message boards, logs and social media. Information and images which you upload, post, or otherwise transmit in connection with the service will be stored and made public to the users of the Site, including images, product ratings and reviews, and some metadata associated with the posts such as timestamps. You are solely responsible for all images and information you choose to post in connection with the service. Any information or images posted to the service may be shared further by other users. We are not responsible for any sharing of the images or information you choose to post publicly on the site.
5. To complete bug detection and error reporting
6. To evaluate and improve our business, including developing new products and services and analyzing the effectiveness of products, services and websites and soliciting your feedback through email communications, telephone calls, and/or focus groups
7. To tailor our offerings to your personal interests and the manner in which you interact with us
8. To perform research and data analyses, including market and consumer research, trend analysis, demographic analysis and financial analysis
9. To comply with legal recommendations, applicable legal requirements and our policies and practices.

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