Beyond the Bottle

Craft brewing is as much science as it is art. But it isn’t often that you have a bonafide scientist making beer. 

Meet Pete Oates of Equilibrium Brewing in Middletown, New York. 

When Pete applies his vast scientific understanding to the brewing process, it results in truly exceptional brews! That’s because before releasing his first beer to the public in 2017, he spent years as an engineer, working to bring clean water to people in Haiti, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. In fact, he has a PhD in Water Chemistry from MIT!

Pete discovered his passion when one of his friends posed the question, “What if you concentrated on getting good stuff into water instead of taking bad stuff out of water? And that’s beer.” 

Intrigued, Pete began actively homebrewing and sharing his creations with friends and family. Soon, people wanted more. He opened up a small production building and formally founded Equilibrium in 2015. Two years later, the brewery sent out its first beer (a Sour Ale), and it wasn’t long before both the team and the brewing space grew to meet the massive demand.

These days Pete and his team sling IPAs, Farmhouse Ales, and Stouts out of a beautiful, custom-designed, hexagonal taproom in downtown Middletown. Using the methodology of his past, Pete focuses on water quality and finding the ideal balance between drinkability and flavor in every creation. Many brews are even named after the scientific concepts that inspire them, such as Fractal Enigma IPA and Möbius Porter. 

As brewing methods and rules grow ever more advanced, Equilibrium’s scientific approach is definitely a unique one worth getting a taste of!


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