One of the coolest things about the modern age of craft beer delivery is that anyone can try amazing brews from all over the country. These days, we really do mean ‘all over!’

That wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago, any discussion of the country’s best breweries would have been limited to just a few regions — the west coast, the northeast, Colorado, and… that’s about it. Now, some of the best craft beer communities in the U.S. are thriving in places craft fans wouldn’t have thought twice about 10 years ago.

Cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, where breweries like Resident Culture, Divine Barrel, and Heist now draw beer tourists from all over the southeast and beyond.

Or Minnesota’s Twin Cities, where beloved breweries like Surly and Fair State rub elbows with exciting up-and-comers like BlackStack Brewing

Those spots (and many others) are already feeling the embrace of beer fans from coast to coast. Dig a little further, and there are still plenty of hidden gems producing incredible brews in unexpected places. To help get you started on your beer tour, here are our picks for 5 fantastic breweries helping to create brand new craft scenes!

Drekker Brewing - Fargo, North Dakota

For most folks, Fargo conjures images of brutal winters and hard-boiled crime movies, but Drekker is quickly making it into a beer destination. Fans even make the 3+ hour drive up from Minneapolis just to snag limited edition beers from the cavernous Viking-themed taproom!

And honestly, the taproom alone is almost worth the drive — the brewery occupies an enormous brick building that was originally constructed back in 1883 as a space to repair railroad locomotives. They have dubbed it Brewhala.

If you have the opportunity, by all means go check the place out! But until then, you can still get a taste of what really draws the crowds to Fargo by snagging a few Drekker brews in your next Tavour beer delivery. 

For the hopheads, they make Hazy IPAs that can stand up against any in the country. For fruit fiends, their Sour Ales are among the very best you’ll find anywhere. We highly recommend anything from Drekker’s Braaaaaaaains Smoothie Sour Series.

Braxton Brewing Company - Covington, Kentucky

When you think of drinks from Kentucky, you probably think bourbon — the state is the spiritual home of America’s own brand of whiskey! But, thanks to Braxton Brewing, craft beer fans are joining their whiskey-loving cohorts, and setting their sights on the Bluegrass State.

This brewery is so beloved by locals that in just 6 short years on the scene, Braxton went from a single brewery and taproom to a local institution with multiple locations! 

The aptly named Braxton Labs acts as the brewery’s experimental arm, The Barrel House provides a laid back hangout, and their newest location across the Ohio River in Cincinnati means they’re officially an interstate operation

Braxton creates a wide variety of styles (seriously, throw a dart at the menu and you’re bound to come away with something delicious) but we particularly like their innovative Smoothie Sour series — it comes in flavors like Bahama Mama and Caribbean Breeze!

Bearded Iris Brewing - Nashville, Tennessee

When Bearded Iris opened their doors back in 2016, plenty of craft fans overlooked them because they were busy seeking out juicebombs from Vermont and New York. But by 2018, the Tennessee brewery started showing up on ‘Best Of’ lists from Paste Mag, Men’s Journal, and Craft Beer & Brewing.

Fast forward to today, and in-the-know hop aficionados from coast to coast are scrambling for a taste of these Tennessee suds! 

This crew definitely knows where to score the hottest hops, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a one trick pony. They make delicious Sour Ales and Stouts, too.

That said, if you’re looking for a place to start, you can’t go wrong with their Homestyle IPA. Not only is it the soft-bodied brew that put Bearded Iris on the map, but it tastes like the beer version of fresh-squeezed OJ.

Revision Brewing Company - Sparks, Nevada

It’s actually pretty weird that Nevada’s craft beer scene isn’t more hyped. Even Thrillist called it “the most underrated state for craft beer,” back in 2019! If you’re one of the many craft fans who’s still sleeping on the Silver State, it’s time for a wake up call from Revision Brewing!

The brewery is best known for their IPA skills — they do new-school Hazies and classic West Coast resin bombs with equal aplomb. But, their scrumptious Stouts are turning plenty of heads, too. 

Fans aren’t the only ones taking notice. In 2019 alone, Revision won Gold medals from the U.S. Open Beer Championship, the International Beer Cup, the European Beer Star Awards, AND the New York International Beer Competition!

Fill your next Tavour beer delivery with their Disco Ninja IPA or Monogrammatic Barrel Aged Stout, and you can discover for yourself why Nevada might just be the next big beer state.

Saltfire Brewing Company - South Salt Lake, Utah

When it comes to alcohol laws, Utah is arguably the strictest state in the nation. Grocery stores there aren’t allowed to sell any beer stronger than 5% ABV, and that’s after they raised the legal limit in 2019!

That hasn’t stopped Saltfire from releasing a bevy of boozy brews, from IPAs to Barrel Aged Stouts! And, Salt Lake City craft fans have no problem skipping the store altogether and heading straight to the brewery for a fix.

You probably aren’t making that trip anytime soon, but if you add a bottle of their Barrel Aged Imperial Dirty Chai Stout or Summer Camp Crush IPA to your next beer delivery, you’ll understand why folks are willing to drive from all over the state for a sip.

So, next time you’re browsing through all the delicious brews on Tavour, keep an eye out for breweries outside of the big craft beer cities. There’s no such thing as a ‘craft beer desert’ in America anymore, just an exciting new craft beer frontier!