Hey, Stout lovers! Today, we’re celebrating a few of the most sought after, decadent Stouts to ever grace the Tavour app. 

These are brews from a selection of our all-time favorite breweries — from the Pacific Northwest all the way to the coast of Florida — and each one boasts its own level of luxurious flavor. The brewers pack some with so many baking ingredients, they’d make Martha Stewart jealous; others spent years in top-shelf bourbon barrels.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the most popular Stouts, according to Tavour members: 

2020 The Rusty Nail - Barrel Aged Stout - Fremont Brewing - Washington

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of trying Fremonts famous Rusty Nail knows it’s a special beer. The last three vintages scored 4.5+ ratings on Tavour!  

To craft the 2020 Rusty Nail, the brewers aged it for a whole 15 months in 8 to 12-year-old Bourbon Barrels with brewer’s licorice and cassia cinnamon bark. 

As a result, this beast swells on the palate with layers of dark cocoa and spice, atop a finely-tuned Bourbon profile, vanilla, molasses, and a touch of smoke. Not to mention the fact that the 13.3% ABV is completely cloaked behind rich aromas of caramelized sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

It’s the crown jewel of Fremont’s multi-award winning portfolio and a prime example of the barrel-aging expertise that rocketed them to national acclaim. It’s also the #2 English Oatmeal Stout in the World on BeerAdvocate with a perfect 100/100 score!

Blessed (2020) - Barrel Aged Stout - Anchorage Brewing Co. - Alaska

Seasoned Tavour members are well aware, if an Anchorage Barrel-Aged Stout appears on the app, you better pounce — quickly. More often than not, these ultra-limited delicacies disappear in a flash! Blessed (2020), included. 

To craft the anticipated sipper, Anchorage started with 1- and 3-year-old Stouts aged in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and Willett Bourbon Barrels. Then, they added toasted and raw coconut and Madagascar vanilla beans, and blended everything together in Missouri Oak Foeders. The results are beyond decadent. 

Blessed pours as thick as chocolate syrup and gushes with aromas of fresh fudge drizzled in bourbon caramel sauce. Each sip is like indulging in a fluffy slice of German chocolate cake, topped with coconut whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon! 

Coconut Coffee Medianoche - Barrel Aged Stout - WeldWerks Brewing Co. -  Colorado

WeldWerks says this special variant is “easily the best expression of coffee that we've ever had in any of our beers, ever. The nose just bursts with it. Really fantastic stuff.”

To craft the Coconut Coffee edition, the brewers started with a carefully selected blend of Medianoche vintages aged for 18-21 months in 7-14 year bourbon barrels.

Then, they conditioned the silky Stout on over 3 lbs per gallon of toasted coconut flakes and raw coconut chips. Finally, the WeldWerks brew crew finished it off with over 150 lbs of medium roast Peruvian coffee from their friends at Mostra.

The coffee infuses layers of milk chocolate and almond — a complement to the rich sweetness of the coconut. Complex notes of vanilla, toffee, and baker's chocolate from the barrels pulse through each thick sip.

Matryoshka (2021) - Barrel Aged Stout - Fort George Brewery - Oregon

When Fort George drops Matryoshka Imperial Stout, Dark Beer fans across the Pacific Northwest drop whatever they’re doing. Suddenly, a drive out to the tiny coastal town of Astoria, Oregon starts to look a lot more reasonable!

The 2021 version is really something special — even the brewers call it their “best Matryoshka yet!” Judging by the mammoth 4.40 Untappd rating, fans agree.

To create this one-of-a-kind vintage, the brewers aged Matryoshka (2021) a full year in a combination of Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Westward Whisky barrels. Every sip overflows with smooth, oaky vanilla, rich, roasty coffee, and hints of barrel char. Dave Coyne — Fort George’s ‘barrel baron’ — describes it as “reminiscent of melted chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.”

Midnight Spider - Imperial Pastry Stout - Junkyard Brewing Company - Minnesota 

We have three words for this Imperial Pastry Stout: Rocky. Road. Decadence.

Brewed with roasted barley, then conditioned with cocoa nibs, toasted black walnuts, and 60 lbs per batch of real jumbo marshmallows, each thick, velvety sip is like savoring a scoop of slightly melted Rocky Road!

And, it all comes wrapped up in Junkyard’s signature colossal 750ml can, with a belly-warming 11.6% ABV!

Snowed In Maple (2020) - Barrel Aged Stout - Copper Kettle - Colorado

Anytime we manage to score a stash of Copper Kettle’s fan-favorite Snowed In Oatmeal Stout, Tavour members go a little berserk. Most all of them sport a 4+ rating on Tavour, and on Untappd! 

The GABF gold medal winners doused this luxurious variant with 1 gallon of real, robust Vermont Maple Syrup per barrel for uber potent maple magic. Then, they aged it for 9 months in award-winning Bourbon Barrels from Four Roses and Woodford Reserve!

Aromas of sweet caramel and molasses waft up from the brim of the maple-laden pour. Take a sip, and the sweetness balances out against a warm, roasty base. Meanwhile, the towering 12.2% ABV stays well-concealed behind chocolatey malts and the toasted toffee flavors of top-shelf bourbon.

The Abyss (2010) - Imperial Stout - Deschutes Brewery - Oregon 

“The best liquid — of any kind — that I have ever tasted.” That’s how beer critic Steve Body (a.k.a. The Pour Fool) described Deschutes Brewery’s The Abyss. 

And, he was tasting a fresh batch! Just imagine what he’d think tasting all the smooth, enhanced flavor in this 11-year-old vintage. 

Aging allows the 11% ABV to mellow into silky smoothness, wrapped in layer after layer of dark chocolate, licorice, molasses, and oaky vanilla. The roasty character eases from espresso to something more like pure, bitter cocoa, allowing notes of caramel to rise to the forefront along with nuances of dark cherry. 

THE GREAT NORTHERN BARREL AGED SERIES 2 - Barrel Aged Stout - Evil Twin Brewing - New York

When the legends at Evil Twin make a new Barrel Aged Pastry Stout, you know it’s going to be good. 

The brewers aged this thick and sticky Stout for 23 months in BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrels and Sine Qua Non Red Wine barrels! A résumé like that promises flavors of sweet, raspberry syrup over warm french toast from the get-go.

But, the brewers don’t stop there. After the barrels, they conditioned the sumptuous Stout on heaps of coconut, marshmallows, vanilla, and coffee! With each silky sip, a swirl of coconut shavings and fluffy whipped cream enhances the decadent breakfast flavors. On the finish, a roasty swig of a s’mores latte balances it all out.

The Void (2019) - Barrel Aged Stout - Drake's Brewing Company - California

The booze lords at Drake's Brewing are known for crafting some of the highest ABV brews in all of California. And, when The Void first appeared, it was even named one of Craft Beer and Brewing’s 17 Best Beers of the Year!

Aging in Rye Whiskey Barrels for 16 months imbued this 2019 Vintage with endless layers of warm caramel, silky vanilla, and the spice of toasted oak.

One drink of the oil-thick liquid is all it takes to plunge the palate into Whiskey-laden bliss! Meanwhile, multiple additions of Belgian Candi Sugar help ensure The Void keeps things aloft with satisfying surges of sweetness.

Wednesday (2020) - Barrel Aged Stout - Cycle Brewing - Florida

Thrillist ranks Cycle as one of the 10 Best Breweries in Florida for their impressive, Stout-heavy lineup, while Gear Patrol has no problem calling them one of the 25 Best Breweries in America!

And, with beers like this, we can imagine why:

The brewers use a medley of Ugandan and Madagascar Vanilla beans, PLUS a load of macadamia nuts and toasted coconut. 

Then, the Cycle crew aged Wednesday for over 12 months in top-shelf Bourbon Barrels for an abundance of whiskey spice and vanilla notes that mingle with the nutty sweetness and layers of gooey ganache.