Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after Stouts we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Burial Beer Company - Griddle Imperial Espresso Stout - Imperial Stout

We should never forget the delicious constants in our lives. That’s why, whenever Burial Beer Co. releases their annual 4.23 UT-rated Griddle Imperial Espresso Stout, it’s worth putting on your party pants and queuing up Kool and the Gang!

Year after year, brew hounds can count on this decadent coffee bomb to taste amazing, and it’s always worth celebrating!

All it takes is a quick crack of the can to know this is going to be a good one. Wham! Colossal notes of dark espresso from Summit Coffee Co. waft up and hit the nose like you just-opened a fresh bag of coffee beans. Flavors of charred malt, sweet honey, gooey caramel, and creamy lactose follow for a bright, smokey-sweet balance to all that roasty goodness. 

For many fans, Griddle was the Stout that solidified Burial as a favorite brewery. As @JW R. says, “This beer is the introduction that started my appreciation for Burial.” And, for @Randall I., it’s “always a ‘must get’ when released.” 

In micro-brew obsessed Asheville, NC, that’s high praise!

JW and Randall aren’t the only one’s crushing on this brew house — last year, Craft Beer & Brewing readers rated Burial the #7 Small Brewery in the World, and Thrillist named them Best Craft Brewery in North Carolina.

Rhinegeist Brewery - Barrel Aged Cafe Ink - Imperial Stout

When Rhinegeist Brewery decided on the ingredients for their Barrel Aged Cafe Ink Imperial Stout, they must’ve had a list entitled, ‘Things That Make Adulting Worth It.’ And they didn’t stop iterating until every item had been crossed off. 

Each delicious sip is filled with what we’re deeming the holy taste trifecta for adulthood recompense: toasty, locally-roasted Cincinnati coffee; incredibly rich, dark chocolate with a sweet thread of caramel and dried stone fruit; a big, warm, ‘everything will be okay’ hug of oaky bourbon from a year of aging in New Riff bourbon barrels. 

BA Cafe Ink would make the ideal holiday vacation sipper — a welcome 13% ABV escape from the usual hustle and bustle of the rise and grind life. 

Revision Brewing Company - Liquid Contrast - Barrel Aged Stout

Revision Brewing attracts awards like honey attracts bears. In 2019 alone, the brewers won Gold medals from the U.S. Open Beer Championship, the International Beer Cup, the European Beer Star Awards, AND the New York International Beer Competition. 

If anything, the 2020 awards circuit is even fiercer amid tons of canceled events and smaller, virtual formats. But, that didn’t stop Revision from snagging two more gold medals from this year’s globally competitive Japan Brewer’s Cup! 

Now, Tavour members have a shot at something beer judges (and most of Revision’s local fans) have yet to taste — Barrel Aged Liquid Contrast. 

The brewers just released this beer, after they aged it for 16 months in whiskey barrels and conditioned it on vanilla beans and cacao nibs.

The resulting opulence is astounding. For 15.1% ABV, the brew is stunningly smooth, waltzing between flavors of dark chocolate, oaky vanilla, and clove. It’s semi-sweet and pleasant, with a warming booziness that seems to spread throughout the body in every sip.

Prairie Artisan Ales - Bourbon Paradise - Barrel Aged Stout

We don’t say this lightly: whether you’re a dark beer aficionado or just someone who enjoys tasting the finer things, you owe it to yourself to grab a bottle of today’s Bourbon Paradise

That’s because this Barrel Aged Imperial Stout HAS A PERFECT 100 SCORE ON BEERADVOCATE. It’s ranked among the Top 30 Imperial Stouts on the planet! 

Prairie Artisan Ales masterfully aged this opaque beauty with doses of real coconut and vanilla. At 13.7% ABV, it’s like boozy silk in a bottle. Each sip delights the palate with nuances of German chocolate cake and dollops of vanilla whipped cream.

The internet agrees — after scouring all the beer corners and hundreds of reviews, we only counted a couple of ratings that dipped below 4.0. The vast majority place it far above.

If you’re scratching your head, then it’s time for me to review what beer ratings actually mean. See, just about anything that has an 80+ on BeerAdvocate (or above a 3 on a 5-star system) is a good beer. A beer that hits 90+ (or a 4) ranges from superb to excellent. A beer that hits a perfect score is downright divine!

That’s why, with its sky-high ratings, it only makes sense that craft drinkers are crazy for Bourbon Paradise. It also means that someone would have to be even crazier to pass up a taste.

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego - Barrel Aged Beer Geek - Toasties Shake

When Mikkeller Brewing decides to brew up new renditions of their BA Beer Geek series, craft fans go absolutely bonkers. These Imperial Stouts consistently hold 4+ ratings on Tavour, BeerAdvocate, and Untappd!

Those lucky enough to have snagged a bottle of Mikkeller’s newest Bourbon Barrel-Aged release, BA Beer Geek: Toasties Shake, are already gushing:

  • “Absolutely fantastic. Tastes like...a liquid Samoa cookie. Sweet, coconut and chocolate.” @Daniel
  • “Perfect coconut stout for a cool evening.” @Scott S.
  • “I’ll drink this all day everyday!” @Ashton K.

Each opulently thick sip of Toasties has a rich, chocolatey backbone, and huge, warming hits of sweet vanilla beans, toasted coconut, and marshmallows. Mikkeller aged the brew in Bourbon Barrels for silky smooth balance and a warm boozy finish. 

Drinking Toasties feels like wrapping yourself in a big, cozy blanket on a cold, winter’s night. Plus, if the flavors aren’t enough, Toasties offers a boozy 13.5% ABV for an extra dose of good cheer!

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