Ah, summer. It’s a time to kick back, relax, and scratch a few things off your bucket list. And this year, we’re dreaming about spending the long, sunny days visiting some of the country’s most beautiful taprooms and beer gardens.

To inspire a little beer-soaked wanderlust, we put together this list of 10 breweries to visit as soon as shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

Bale Breaker Brewing - Yakima, WA

Have you ever sipped beer in the middle of a hop farm? No? Well then, head on over to Bale Breaker and check that one off your bucket list.

These guys are 4th generation hop farmers and they brew all of their beers with the hops grown in the field surrounding the brewery. Which means, when you order a pint of Field 41 Pale Ale or Bottomcutter IPA, you’re getting it fresher than fresh!

And since Washington weather is famously fickle, you can enjoy a brewski from the comfort of their year-round sun porch, which offers a 180 degree view of the property, including acres of hop bines as far as the eye can see.

Pelican Brewing - Pacific City, OR

The Oregon coast is home to some of the most breathtaking views west of the Rockies. And when you pull up a chair at this three decade-old brewpub, you’ll be treated to nothing less than a spectacular experience. 

Pelican has been in the craft beer scene for over twenty years and has a reputation as mighty as the Pacific Ocean! Stop at their beachside taproom and you’ll be joined by leagues of tourists and beer fans looking to enjoy a brew straight from the source. 

Order a pint of Pelican’s award-winning Kiwanda Cream Ale and indulge in sip after silky sip as the waves crash onto the shore. Sip on their boozy, chewy Father of All Tsunamis Imperial Stout and watch the sunset dip below the ocean-soaked horizon. 

Russian River Brewing - Windsor, CA

Sure, these guys originally hail from Santa Rosa, but their brand spankin’ new spot in Windsor is sure to please any thirsty craft fan looking for some reprieve from the city.

With seating for over 195 guests and a 1-acre pet friendly beer garden, there’s something for everyone! You can grab a pint of Pliny the Elder (or, Pliny the Younger, your choice!) and head out to the lawn for a few rounds of cornhole. 

Feel like relaxin’ and kickin’ back instead? Then pull up a chair at the year-round patio and enjoy a selection of decadent, finger-licking foods — they have everything from french fries to schnitzel, and even salad for you health conscious folks!

Jester King Brewery - Austin, TX

Jester King’s sprawling 165-acre estate isn’t just a pretty drinking spot — it’s an experience.

You can spend the afternoon walking the grounds and see how their world-class beers are made, like Le Petit Prince Table Beer and Das Wunderkind! Saison. Or, set up camp at the laid back beer garden and treat yourself to one of their renowned, artisan pizzas.

Heck, you might even consider hosting your next event here — from weddings to retirements to anniversary bashes, these guys cater to all who gather.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales - Denver, CO

The folks at Black Project believe that drinking beer should be an experience. So, they designed their taproom to reflect just that.

From the moment you walk in, every aspect feels elevated — from the decor to the design to the beertender dress code. It’s chic and sophisticated without feeling haughty, and their knowledgeable staff makes everyone feel welcome from the very first sip.

So go ahead, order a glass of Dreamland Sour Ale or Shadow Factory: Blackberry + Raspberry Sour Ale and enjoy with your pinky out. Because this is no ordinary beer tasting!

Drekker Brewing - Fargo, ND

If you’re gonna drink like a Viking, you’ve gotta feel like one. Which is why the folks at Drekker have lovingly dubbed their massive taproom “Brewhalla.”

It’s large enough to accommodate a whole fleet of thirsty Vikings, and it still manages to feel quaint enough to reflect the brewers’ hometown of Fargo. 

Don't be surprised, though, if seats are hard to come by, even in this massive beer hall. Drekker is known across the Midwest for their juicy, New England-style sippers like Wheez the Juice and Ectogasm IPA. And, their new fans come from all over to taste the renowned Chonk and Braaains series of Sours fresh from the tap.

Scratch Brewing - Ava, IL

Okay, at first glance, Scratch’s taproom and beer garden feels like something you’d stumble upon in the Blair Witch Project. But, there’s nothing scary about this small-batch Illinois brewery.

In fact, the secluded location is half the fun! ‘Cause these guys brew all of their beers using ingredients found in the area surrounding the brewery. 

Which means, when you indulge in a taste of their Blackberry and Lavender Wild Ale or their Dandelion-Ginger Tonic Gruit, you’re experiencing the woods and fields the ingredients were grown in. You can enjoy the earthy, herbal depths as the wind whistles through the pines and spend a few minutes disconnecting from the craziness of the world around you. 

Plan Bee Farm Brewery - Poughkeepsie, NY

Smack dab in the middle of the rolling hills and the beautiful maple trees of upstate New York, sits Plan Bee’s luscious estate.

Step onto the grounds and you’ll think you just stepped into a story book — the brewing space and taproom are housed in a barn on the grounds that’s perfect for enjoying Plan Bee’s Barn Beer Wild Ale, even in the middle of the harsh New York winters.

And, as the days get longer, warmer, and sunnier, you can head outside to their quaint and welcoming beer garden and sip on their Pickle or PitZ Wild Ales while you listen to live music. Frankly, who would ever want to leave?

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery - Goochland, VA

Bring the kids, leash up the dog — heck, wrangle the whole family! ‘Cause Lickinhole has the space for everyone and their grandma!

Nestled on a massive 305-acre farm in the heart of Virginia, these guys do more than just brew beer. Like their counterparts at Jester King, they host events and tours and grow everything from sunflowers and pumpkins to hemp! They even raise bees for the honey they use in their beers!

And, since it’s situated so far from the hustle and bustle of Richmond, you can while away the hours with a few tasters of Heir Apparent Russian Imperial Stout, Nuclear Nugget Imperial IPA, or Magic Beaver Pale Ale.  

Brewery Bhavana - Raleigh, NC

Walk into the elegant space at Brewery Bhavana and you might think you’re stepping onto the set of a movie.

The kind of movie where all the characters dine in fancy restaurants and spend their days taking in the art and culture of the city. 

But instead, craft fans gather from all over the country to take in one of the brewery’s acclaimed beers — from Grove Imperial IPA to Glean Saison or their Sprout Belgian Dubbel. They were even named one of the 15 Most Beautiful Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries in the World by Conde Nast!