Not that long ago, if someone offered you a pint of Stout, you could confidently finish the whole thing without fear of ending up all red-nosed and wobbly like some kind of tipsy Rudolph.

These days, not so much. Craft breweries from coast to coast are cranking out brews with double digit ABVs across a whole host of styles, but Stouts in particular are boozier than ever before. 

To be honest, it’s pretty awesome. In fact, some of the most popular brews on Tavour have fallen into that crazy-high alcohol category. 

But sometimes, you just want to enjoy a few pints of rich, smooth, roasty Stout without getting blotto. A proper brew for those occasions can be tricky to track down, so here are 5 of our favorite sessionable Stouts that won’t leave you snoring on the couch.

Let’s Do Brunch: 6.3% ABV - Foundation Brewing Company, Maine

This beer — brewed with whole cinnamon sticks, silky-sweet vanilla beans, and freshly roasted coffee — was pretty much made for Sunday Funday.

Taking off for an early morning, wintery hike with snowshoes and incredible views? 

Crack open a can of Let’s Do Brunch at the summit! With its smooth 6.3% ABV and layers of rich espresso and nutmeg, it’ll warm you from the inside out! 

Or, maybe the only thing you have planned is to indulge in a scrumdiddlyumptious breakfast and kick back on the couch for a well-deserved Netflix binge. Either way, grab a full stack of this boozy French Toast in-a-can from Maine’s Foundation Brewing Company to keep you company.

Mocha Stout: 5.1% ABV - Abnormal Beer Company, California

This decadent, chocolatey sip of coffee-infused deliciousness helped launch Abnormal Beer Co., and fans know it beats the pants off any ordinary mocha! It drinks like a cup of joe and a dark-chocolate dessert all in one can. This is a beer that can satisfy your coffee cravings all day long.

Dark espresso and rich chocolate aromas seduce the senses from the moment the can is opened. Massive additions of cocoa nibs and fresh roasted coffee from nearby Mostra Coffee keep the mocha train rolling across the palate. It’s like a sip of black coffee and a nibble of fudgy brownie, all at once.

S’mores Eat the Rich: 5.5% ABV - DSSOLVR, North Carolina (all they have on insta is video:

S’mores Eat the Rich is quite the feat. The brewers started by fermenting a first batch in Heaven Hill barrels for notes of oak and molasses, then allowed it to rest in the barrels for 2 additional months. 

In the meantime, they fermented a second batch in stainless steel, but wove in real cocoa, graham crackers, and “lil baby marshmallows” for smooth, dessert flavors. 

The DSSOLVR team then blended the two batches together and conditioned the brew for a few weeks longer. This time, on cacao nibs and cacao husks, Madagascar vanilla beans, and — wait for it… more marshmallows!

This silky sipper tastes like straight up melty chocolate s’mores, with undertones of baking spice and warming whiskey. If there’s a Stout meant to be savored next to a campfire, it’s this one. 

Father Kyle’s Cinnamon Roll: 6.1% ABV - Listermann Brewing Company, Ohio

Listermann first brewed this Stout back in 2017 to celebrate the appearance of their friend Father Kyle Schnippel on The Great American Baking Show. This brew became so beloved that the brewers keep bringing it back!

And, what’s not to love? The brewers infused rich pastry flavors with heaps of fresh cinnamon and actual cinnamon rolls. Add a touch of lactose and a 6.1% ABV, and you’ve got a creamy, spiced Stout sure to warm up any cool day. 

Campfire Stout: 6.5% ABV - High Water Brewing Company, California

S’mores are a treat whether you’re a little kid or a big kid — but packing all of the ingredients can be a pain! Luckily you can get an adults-only version of this gooey treat: High Water Brewing's silky-smooth Campfire Stout.

The winner of two shiny GABF Gold medals, Campfire Stout oozes with roasty, toasty chocolate malts, real graham crackers, and molasses.

Effortlessly drinkable, this bottle of liquid s’mores is so warm and vivid, you won’t even need to light a fire!

Mouthwatering aromas of honey-drizzled graham crackers, Hershey’s milk chocolate, and marshmallow fluff swirl from the pitch black pour. Each sip bursts with notes of hot cocoa, molasses, and vanilla sweetness. A hint of campfire char appears on the finish — reminiscent of all the times you got your marshmallow a little too close to the flame.

So, next time you have a hankering for some roasty Stout flavor, but you’re still miles from bedtime, just reach for one of these crushable brews. They’re just as delicious as their boozier cousins, minus the morning headache.