Winter is the ideal time for curling up with a warming, chocolatey beverage, especially when it comes with a side of booze! A lot of Stouts naturally come with notes of chocolate and other dessert-like flavors thanks to copious amounts of toasty-sweet dark malts, though modern brewers are taking things even further with some seriously decadent pastry additions.

Who needs a hot cocoa when you have a nice, rich Stout arriving in your craft beer delivery? Here are five very chocolatey beers to get cozy with during the cold weather. No burning-hot mug needed! 

Junkyard Brewing - Midnight Spider

It gets mighty cold in Minnesota, so the folks at Junkyard crafted this Imperial Stout with a slew of toasty ingredients: cacao nibs, toasted black walnuts, and 60 lbs per batch of real jumbo marshmallows. Thanks to its belly-warming 11.6% ABV, this ‘hot chocolate’ is definitely adults-only!

And, like just about all Junkyard brews, it comes in a wine bottle-sized 750ml can! That’s plenty to share with a loved one on a chilly night (though, if your sweet tooth is as intense as ours, you’re probably more than happy to drink a massive Stout like this all on your own). 

Listermann Brewing - Operation Flintlock - Caramel Marshmallow

For those who like to pile their cocoa mug high with marshmallows and all the fixin’s, this easygoing, 6% ABV Stout from Listermann delivers. Those Cincinnati sweet-lovers stuffed this velvety brew with swells of ooey-gooey caramel, coffee, vanilla, and, of course, marshmallows. Chocolate malts in the base make it taste like a roasty hot chocolate smothered in toppings, while a dose of lactose is like a silky dollop of whipped cream. Yum!

New Anthem Beer Project - The Path I Fear

The North Carolina brewers at New Anthem describe their The Path I Fear as “a mocha version of a high gravity cream soda.” 

In other words, it tastes luxuriously like a smooth, frothy hot chocolate drink! New Anthem brewed this Pastry Stout with piles of organic cacao nibs and coffee. And, for a silky experience reminiscent of milk chocolate, they also added two different kinds of vanilla beans. It’s highly decadent without sipping down heavily, and the 12% ABV is sure to keep you warm and toasty all night long. 

Main & Mill Brewing - Lil’ Jifforia - Fat Elvis

Anyone out there like to get creative with how they dress up a mug of hot cocoa? While there’s a good chance you haven’t tossed in banana slices, you might be tempted after a sip of Lil’ Jifforia - Fat Elvis from Main & Mill. The Missouri brewers made this chocolatey Pastry Stout extra fancy with additions of cacao nibs, creamy peanut butter, banana, and smooth lactose. It clocks in at an easygoing 5.5% ABV too, so you could even go in for a second serving.

Wild Leap Brewing - Partners in Crema

Enjoy cookies with your hot chocolate? This impressive Imperial Pastry Stout tastes like oreos dunked in thick mocha. The flavor masters at Georgia’s Wild Leap filled it with a baking list of cacao nibs, coconut, coffee, and lactose!

Yes, the brew does go great with a plate of cookies. That said, one 10% ABV can is enough to satisfy all your dessert cravings. 

Looking for more chocolate-forward Stouts to add to your craft beer delivery? Check out our app for the latest decadent sippers.