Draft Magazine’s discerning critics call Perennial’s Abraxas “damn near perfect.”

Ask St. Louis locals, and they say the same thing. Every year, they line up hours before the multi-GABF medal-winning brewers open the doors, just to snag a bottle before it sells out!

And variants, like today’s Vanilla Bean Abraxas (2019), are even more sought-after, because so few bottles exist in the world!  

RIGHT NOW, you have a chance to snag one of only 35 bottles of Vanilla Bean Abraxas we managed to wrangle away from Perennial.

Brewed with real ancho chiles, cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks, and twice the vanilla beans of the OG version, Vanilla Bean Abraxas is thick with sticky waves of nonstop vanilla-chocolate swirls. An added hint of smoked chili complements the smooth Oatmeal Stout base, while the roasty backbone makes every sip oh-so-warming from taste buds to toes.