*One of Tavour's Most Popular Stouts!

It’s a BIG deal! Every time the Colorado brewery releases a new variant in this award-winning series, traders offer rare beers from some of the most respected breweries in the world.

So, you better secure this wax-dipped treasure quickly. Two bottle limit per-person!

All set? Ok, here’s a little more background:

  • For today’s Coconut Coffee edition, the brewers started with a carefully selected blend of Medianoche vintages aged for 18-21 months in 7-14 year bourbon barrels.
  • After aging, they conditioned the silky Stout on over 3 lbs per gallon of toasted coconut flakes and raw coconut chips. They finished it with over 150 lbs of medium roast Peruvian coffee from their friends at Mostra.
  • The coffee infuses layers of milk chocolate and almond — a complement to the rich sweetness of the coconut. Complex notes of vanilla, toffee, and baker's chocolate from the barrels pulse through each thick sip.
  • WeldWerks says this special variant is “easily the best expression of coffee that we've ever had in any of our beers, ever. The nose just bursts with it. Really fantastic stuff.”

There you have it, folks!