*One of Tavour's Most Popular Stouts!

"Say whaaaaat??!!!! OMG! Sounds SO incredible!! Can’t wait!!!" @cherieremmer

"Daaaaaamn this is delicious." @Callie J.

"Absolutely perfect." @Herman S.

"I will feel #Blessed if I can get my hands on some!" @yborpatrick

Dark Beer fans are chomping at the bit for a bottle of Anchorage’s new Barrel-Aged Stout. The brewery’s entire stash sold out in less than an hour at the taproom!

And, since this is the first and perhaps ONLY TIME Anchorage will brew this silky-smooth treasure, you better hurry up and grab yours now!

To craft the anticipated sipper, Anchorage started with 1- and 3-year-old Stouts aged in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and Willett Bourbon Barrels. Then, they added toasted and raw coconut and Madagascar vanilla beans, and blended everything together in Missouri Oak Foeders.

The results are beyond decadent.

Blessed pours as thick as chocolate syrup and gushes with aromas of fresh fudge drizzled in bourbon caramel sauce. Each sip is like indulging in a fluffy slice of German chocolate cake, topped with coconut whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon! And, at 14% ABV, it’ll wrap you in a warm hug from start to finish!

The Bottom Line: When you pop the top on a wax-dipped bottle of Blessed, make sure no one else is around. Draw the blinds and turn off your phone. You won’t want anyone or anything to come between you and this intensely rich decadence.