*One of Tavour's Most Popular Stouts!

When you’re staring into the black depths of this Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, all you’ll hear is the deafening call of The Void beckoning you to plunge inside.

That’s because, the brewers at Drake’s crafted this boozebomb for the sole purpose of enveloping its drinker in decadent darkness.

If you answer the siren call of The Void today, your impulse will be met with a roasty bounty. Aging in Rye Whiskey Barrels for 16 months has imbued this 2019 Vintage with endless layers of warm caramel, silky vanilla, and the spice of toasted oak.

One drink of the oil-thick liquid is all it takes to plunge your palate into Whiskey-laden bliss! Meanwhile, multiple additions of Belgian Candi Sugar help ensure The Void keeps you aloft with satisfying surges of sweetness.

The booze lords at Drake’s Brewing are known for crafting some of the highest ABV brews in all of California. And when The Void first appeared, it was even named one of Craft Beer & Brewing’s 17 Best Beers of the Year!

Outside of California though, it’s nearly impossible to encounter The Void.

I know you can hear it calling you now, so are you ready to take the plunge?