*One of Tavour's Most Popular Stouts!

You maple fiends will put maple syrup on anything. Pancakes? Duh. Peanut butter and banana sandwich? You bet. Chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream? All the maple, baby!

The GABF medal-winning crew at Copper Kettle takes it one step further.

They doused their luxurious fan-favorite Oatmeal Stout with 1 gallon of real, robust Vermont Maple Syrup per barrel for uber potent maple magic. Then, they aged it for 9 months in award-winning Bourbon Barrels from Four Roses and Woodford Reserve!

For fans like @David G., the 2020 vintage of Snowed In - Maple is “literally perfect. My favorite beer got even better somehow!”

Aromas of sweet caramel and molasses waft up from the brim of the maple-laden pour. Take a sip, and the sweetness balances out against a warm, roasty base. Meanwhile, the towering 12.2% ABV stays well-concealed behind chocolatey malts and the toasted toffee flavors of top-shelf bourbon.

From start to finish, each sip of Snowed In - Maple goes down like a spoonful of creamy maple-bourbon ice cream covered in a chocolate liqueur drizzle! Pretty soon, we’ll see the lucky maple fiends who can get some will start pouring Snowed In - Maple on everything!