*One of Tavour's Most Popular Stouts!

Have you ever noticed how some snacks taste much more satisfying in the middle of the night?

Take Rocky Road ice cream, for example. There’s something so deliciously wicked about sneaking into the kitchen at midnight and taking slow, sweet spoonfuls, straight from the carton.

Today’s Midnight Spider from Junkyard Brewing is even more satisfying than a sugary nighttime rendezvous.

These candy kings brewed this decadent Imperial Stout with roasted barley, then conditioned it with cocoa nibs, toasted black walnuts, and 60 lbs per batch of real jumbo marshmallows. Each thick, velvety sip is like savoring a scoop of slightly melted Rocky Road.

And, thanks to its belly-warming 11.6% ABV, you won’t have to share THIS dessert with the kids.

Chocolate lovers are rating this boozy milkshake an impressive 4.26 on Untappd! Craft fan @Zack M. raves, “Pure rocky road ice cream. Like shoving spoonfuls of malty goodness down your throat. Stellar. Toffee, marshmallow, black walnuts!”

So go ahead, treat yourself to this marshmallowy midnight snack. But fair warning, if you do — it comes in a colossal 750 ml can. We won’t insist that you HAVE to share it, but if your spouse or roommate happens to be a night owl, that’ll work out just fine.