The brewery’s description of Fragile Like a Bomb Oatmeal Pastry Stout just says “THICK.”

That’s it — no ingredients, no tasting notes, just THICK.

They don’t even mention its massive 13.9% ABV. Maybe that’s because it’s so fudgy you won’t even taste the booze!

903 Brewers craft it with ‘vanilla sugar’ and whiskey-soaked coffee, and age it on oak spirals for flavors that’ll take you back to your childhood days licking mocha-vanilla swirled soft serve ice cream topped with nuts and toffee right off the cone.  The brewery’s extra long 20-hour boil bolsters the super thick mouthfeel.

If you're wondering how such a bold brew could come in a can covered in frilly lace, that’s because the brewery dedicated this bold brew to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 903 says they’re “proud to be lead by a powerful woman, Natalie Roberts, and wanted to brew a beer in Memoriam of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, another powerful woman who was Fragile Like a Bomb."

It’s a delicious collectors item, and if you weren’t in Texas for the release, this is your best chance at snagging one.

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