Many Dark Beer fans prefer their Stouts to be as creamy as possible. Breweries are responding, trying everything from thickening malt bills to adding milk sugars.

But it’s not often that a craft brewery can capture the ultimate creaminess poured from a nitro tap in their cans. Turns out, the West Coast powerhouse Moonraker pulled it off with flying colors a.k.a. a 4.33 Untappd-rating for their Foamwalker Nitro Stout!

Moonraker’s secret nitro process makes the mouthfeel of today’s beer mighty frothy. And the brewery uses an “exceptionally fresh” blend of coffee, sea salt, and vanilla to create a Stout that drinks like a salted, foamy cold brew.

We’re not even surprised by the astronomical ratings of this bold, nitro-powered, silky beer, seeing as Moonraker hoists a brewery rating that towers above thick Dark Beer legends 3 Floyds, Founders, and Fremont!

I guess the secret really is found in the nitro.