To score a bottle of today’s Deep Orbit Cosmos Redshift, you don’t have to put on a spacesuit. But, you might want to crawl into a cardboard box and pretend you’re out in space, because this stuff will make you feel like a kid again!

The brewers at Other Half made it with heaps of real gooey peanut butter and actual marshmallow, while the chocolatey base Stout adds rich flavors of fudgy cocoa and a bit of roasty character. Imagine smearing a dollop of peanut butter onto a graham cracker, and then making a s’more with it. That’s what this beer tastes like.

Sounds pretty bonkers, right? It really is! Stout fans rate it an absurd 4.41 on UT, saying it’s “like a candy bar,” and “dark and luscious!”

@Ben K. takes it one step further: “by far my favorite Other Half Stout to date!”

Go ahead, toss a bucket over your head, call it a space helmet, and set a course for deliciousness. With this fluffernutter of a beer in your fridge, there’s absolutely no reason to grow up.

Other Half is one of Vinepair’s Most Important Breweries of the Last Decade!