Before the Pastry Stout was even a thing, beer geeks considered Perennial’s Abraxas a Dessert Beer G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

It’s thicker, richer — and, many would agree — more indulgent than practically any brew that came before it.  

Due in part to Abraxas, an entire arsenal of fudgy, Sweet Stouts have taken the craft scene by storm. And yet, this beer still remains a benchmark of excellence with top-notch scores across all ratings sites.

Perennial crafted their 11.5% ABV Abraxas 2020 with Ancho chili peppers, bitter sweet cacao nibs, cinnamon, creamy lactose, and vanilla. Imagine drinking-chocolate poured from a fountain, decked out in tongue-tickling spice.

It’s a delicious tasting experience waiting to happen! Share it with someone special and revel in the warm flavor discoveries revealed in each sip.