Our favorite door-to-door service is obviously beer delivery, but you can get just about anything dropped off on your porch these days. The fanciest pants you have to put on these days are pajamas!

But, have you considered coordinating your deliveries? With such a wealth of options literally at your fingertips, it’s easy to find a meal to go with any brew in your latest shipment.

To help out, here’s a quick rundown of deliverable meals and beer style pairings. After all, beer is awesome, but beer and food is even better!

If your Beer Delivery is Full of Pilsners and Lagers:

Pilsners and Lagers (not to be confused with Ales) are the workhorses of the beer world, so they’re pretty easy to pair with all kinds of cuisines. Let’s start with the obvious.

If you open your box of brews to find a giant can of Grandpa Bill’s Pils from Junkyard Brewing, by all means order a large supreme pizza to go with it. With 24.5 oz of liquid refreshment per can, you’ll have plenty to wash down a whole pie. Although, you’ll probably need a nap afterwards.

But, what if you have something a bit more complicated, like Lager Roots Lime from Strange Roots Experimental Ales? Never fear! That extra kiss of citrus goes with plenty of dishes, like nachos, fish and chips, and (of course) a big pile of chicken wings. 

That’s an easy call, but not all light beers are so easy to pair. For instance, the crew at Champion Brewing Company crafted Shower Beer Pilsner specifically to be enjoyed under running water. Not exactly an environment that’s conducive to gnawing down chicken wings. 

Fortunately, these beers also go great with crisp fall fruits like apples and pears — which you can get in little individual squeeze packets of apple sauce and berry-pear goo! They’re totally self contained, and you can eat them with one hand, so they’re an ideal shower food. Plus, the crisp, bakery-like notes in a pouch of cinnamon applesauce really elevate the slight citrus and floral flavors in this Pils. It’s a match made in heaven.

If you like Heaps of Hops in your Beer Delivery:

IPAs are hard to pair with food for a few reasons. One, modern American IPAs are incredibly diverse, so it’s not like one dish will go with all of them. Two, the flavors tend to be bold, so if they don’t go with what you’re eating, you’ll know it. And three, new school Hazy IPAs are so thick, they’re like a meal themselves, so it’s easy to forget you’re supposed to eat with them.

Still, there are plenty of possibilities. If you find yourself looking at a box full of big, brawny, hop-filled brews in your next beer delivery, consider calling up the nearest Mexican restaurant to order a big bowl of ceviche!

In Central America, ceviche is often served alongside tropical fruit, so the billowing aromas of pineapple and mango in a beer like Juice Pants from Maplewood Brewery make a fantastic compliment. 

If your hoppy tastes lean a little more towards the west coast, with resinous pine, pithy grapefruit, and a bitter finish, it gets a bit trickier. For a hopbomb like West Coast Connect from Resident Culture Brewing, jump on the phone to the nearest burger joint. And, there’s no reason to skimp — you can go all out with bacon, three kinds of cheese, and a fried egg!

As long as you have a swig of burly IPA between bites to cut through the fat and ‘reset’ your palate, each greasy mouthful will be better than the last!

If you’re a real hophead, you probably enjoy the full range of IPAs. Which means, you’ll have a Milkshake IPA or two in your next beer delivery. This is going to sound weird, but try to keep an open mind. Ready?

THAI FOOD! To compliment a brew like Guava Milkshake IPA from Braxton Brewing, order yourself a heap of Pad See Ew! This beer goes down like a freshly blended tropical fruit smoothie, just like you’d get at a beach cafe in Thailand, and the creamy lactose helps cut through the spice. So, when the restaurant asks how spicy you want it, you can add an extra star to your usual.

If your Beer Delivery is stuffed with Tart, Tangy, and Sour:

For traditionally tart and puckering Sours expertly crafted by a true specialist, food pairing is a no-brainer. Just dial up your favorite seafood restaurant and order one of everything.

Acidity makes seafood pop (that’s why it always comes with a slice of lemon) so a beer like Nectarine Fruit Stand from Casey Brewing and Blending is just the thing to make your steamed clams taste even richer. Plus, its stone fruit flavors will cut through the saltiness of the dish, leaving your tastebuds refreshed and ready for more.

If orange glazed salmon is on the specials board, you might want to have a can of Maestro from Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales on hand when the delivery person shows up. The brewers crafted it with blood orange — just the thing to accentuate the flavors in the sauce!

But, what about those new fangled super-fruity Sours that are popping up all over the place? You know, the ones that look AND taste like something from Jamba Juice. Some people like to pair them with dessert, but we recommend going in a different direction.

These beers can get fancy! Call up that 5-star restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, order the full meal that comes with fancy charcuterie appetizers, and then bust out these brews right at the start!

Everyone knows fruit and cheese go well together, and that’s just as true with fruity brews! Taking a nibble from the cheese plate and chasing it with a swig of Braaaaaaaains Peach and Black Currant from Drekker Brewing is truly a revelation. It’s like a way more fun version of one of those fancy fruit spreads you might have with baked brie.

If You’re Beer Delivery is Dark as Night:

Stouts and Porters are another big style category with an overwhelming number of options. Roasty, sweet, smooth, creamy, bitter, fruity — no matter what eateries are delivering in your neighborhood, there’s a dark brew to go with it.

Say it’s 3am, and all you can order is a tall stack from your local pancake house. No problem if your last beer delivery included a can or two French Toast Stout from Hubbard’s Cave. Its thick body is so packed with cinnamon and real maple syrup, you could just about pour it over your pancakes. 

Or, if you’re not a nightowl, order yourself a nice breakfast skillet and pair it with a Java-drenched Reve Coffee Stout from Parish Brewing Company. It tastes just like a freshly brewed cup of joe, which means it’s totally appropriate to enjoy one with whatever breakfast spread your local greasy spoon will send to your house. 

Breakfast food not your thing? How about a steak? I’m sure a Steak House near you would love to send a thick, juicy T-bone to your door, and when it arrives, you can wash it down with Evil Twin NYC’s 120 Day Dry-Aged Stout!

Legendary head brewer and Evil Twin founder Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø made it specifically to go with thick slabs of medium rare beef, and boy does it ever work. The roasty notes are bold enough to stand up to bits of char and plenty of black pepper, while a slight bitterness cuts through the fat of a well marbled steak. It’s what’s for dinner!

No matter what arrives in your beer delivery, there’s a food delivery to go with it. So, if you find yourself stuck at home, don’t fret, just order up a box of beer, then hop online and find out who’s delivering in your area. You’ll be in for one heck of a feast, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger.