You’ve probably had breakfast in bed at some point in your life. But, you haven’t truly started your day off right until you’ve had a breakfast beer in bed. With the magic of beer delivery, you can treat yourself to breakfast brews after your nightly snooze, with more ease than ever!

Breakfast beers are a huge hit in the craft beer world — breweries are able to mimic the flavors of even the most decadent morning meals. 

French Toast topped with mixed berries and whipped cream? Yup, it’s been done. 

Belgian waffle cones with vanilla custard? They’ve got that, too! 

What about cinnamon rolls, coated in melty cream cheese frosting? You get the point.

Obviously, downing an alcoholic beverage first thing in the morning isn’t a life for everyone — in fact, it’s probably not too wise in most respects (suddenly cancelling important plans, accidental stains on your pillow case, that sort of thing). 

But, when beers can taste exactly like your favorite morning meal, why should you bother hobbling to the kitchen to cook? Better yet, why bother going anywhere at all when you can get these 5 scrumptious breakfast brews in your beer delivery:

1. Imperial Doughnut Break - Evil Twin Brewing - New York City, NY

Naturally, no breakfast beer list would be complete without an offering from Evil Twin. They do pastry-flavored brews like Leonardo da Vinci did canvas paintings. That is, they’re true masters of their art.

And, their Imperial Doughnut Break is a favorite find for Dark Beer fans across the country. It’s so sumptuous that it seriously feels like you’re getting away with something when you drink it!

Evil Twin crafts this opulent breakfast Porter with loads of real donuts (of course). But, the brewers don’t stop there — they also add coffee, vanilla, and almonds to the mix! Every gulp is like biting into a rich, chocolate-frosted, chocolate cake donut with almonds AND sprinkles on top, then washing it down with some French roast coffee. 

In other words, this beer could probably put Dunkin’ out of business.

2. Pancake Galaxy: Blueberry - Cinderlands Beer Company - Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh’s Cinderlands Beer Co. earned a place as one of USA Today’s Best New Breweries of 2019. And make no mistake, their IPA prowess is what got them there. Case in point: their “Tartshake IPAs.” 

The brewers came up with their own kind of hopbomb. And now, they’re transforming IPAs from a craft beer lover’s afternoon snack into her favorite breakfast-time indulgence.

This silky sipper boasts “gobs of” blueberry purée and lactose, plus a whole pantry worth of maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla beans! And, to really capture the mouthfeel of a fluffy shortstack fresh off the griddle, the brewers added a “pillowy mountain of oats” to the base.

The way each sip goes down like a mouthful of whipped-cream and blueberry-syrup-topped pancakes might just make a trip to IHOP seem like a total waste of time.

3. Hazelnut Coffee & Cakes - Hubbard’s Cave - Chicago, IL

Hubbard’s Cave has a real knack for brewing Pastry Stouts that get you lickin’ your lips just from reading the ingredients. And their Coffee & Cakes series are absolute favorites for Tavour members’ beer deliveries. 

Each one of these coffee- and maple syrup-infused breakfast pastry beers is a smash hit — not one of them scores lower than 4.00 on popular beer rating sites! 

Their Hazelnut Coffee & Cakes is certainly no exception. It has all the craveable flavors of a sticky-sweet piece of coffee cake slathered in maple syrup and topped with crushed walnuts! Notes of espresso play off the sweetness of the syrup, making the beer taste almost mocha-like. 

Add a toasted-nuttiness from the hazelnuts, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually eating a fresh-baked pastry instead of drinking a 12% ABV Stout.

4. Gose-Mosa - Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery - San Francisco, CA

Now, everyone knows the earlier hours of the day aren’t reserved JUST for carbs and sweets. You gotta leave room for some fresh fruit, too! 

San Francisco’s Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery has that part of your breakfast beer delivery covered — and guess what? It’s mimosa-inspired, of course!

Adding fresh Sauvignon Blanc grape juice alongside orange and tangerine purées to this Gose-style Ale, the brewers recreate the tangy-sweet, citrusy goodness of a rea mimosa. The wine grapes give each effervescent sip the taste of top-shelf California champagne, while the acidity of the citrus fruits helps offset the grapes’ sweetness. It’s like having a heavy pour of bubbly with just a small-splash of OJ. 

The best part about sipping Gose-Mosa on a lazy Sunday morning is, you can have it for breakfast AND for brunch!

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Mikerphone Brewing - Chicago, IL

What more suitable breakfast-in-bed beer is there than this Berliner Weisse from Mikerphone Brewing? There aren’t too many, you can bet on that!

“Breakfast” is in the name, for one. For two, the iconic film starring Audrey Hepburn that it’s named after was all about doing what feels good in the moment. And, in the moment you wake up, almost nothing feels better than calming a grumbly stomach without having to exit the bed.

For three, it’s a beer from Mikerphone! They’re renowned far and wide for their creative flavor expressions and highly rated offerings. Publications like the Chicago Tribune even herald the brewery as the hottest thing in Chicago beer.

Which is why Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a breakfast beer of luxury — the treat-yo’-self-in-bed, even-though-you-have-things-to-do-today kind of luxury that you deserve.The brewers lace this delightfully balanced brew with blueberries and maple syrup, with a hint of tart lemons and a whisper of wheat bread. Each mouthwatering sip is like a bite of a blueberry jam-filled croissant with a maple glaze — WAY better than any lame pastry.

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