What’s in your beer delivery when it arrives? Is it full of hopbombs, or perhaps some dark delights meant to be cellared? Do you rush to crack them open, or do you take time to plan out when to indulge? There’s no wrong answer — today’s incredibly diverse craft selections mean there’s room for all! 

 Most of us craft fans enjoy trying beers of different styles, but at the end of the day, we all have brews we gravitate towards over others. Depending on what takes up most of the slots in your beer delivery box, you’re probably one of 8 different types of craft drinkers:

1. The Hophead

You’re all about hops, hops, and more hops, and your beer delivery is typically packed full of IPAs. ABVs don’t matter nearly as much as hop quantities, and your tastebuds perk up when you spot things like “Double Dry-Hopped” or “Cryo” on the can. Extra potent, super-dank hopbombs like Lupulin’s Straight Hash Homie are the kinds of brews you write home about. 

2. The Trend Lover

You know all the latest boundary-pushing styles, and you’re all about trying new things with each beer delivery. Your tasting repertoire of cocktail-inspired beers would impress a mixologist, and you’ve tried enough thick, creamy Milkshake IPAs to rival a malt shop. While everyone else is posting photos of dogs and kids, your social media pages display awesome finds like Great Notion’s Blueberry Mochi Sour. 

3. The Juicer

You might not be able to get a full serving of fruit from a beer, but — darn it all — you’re going to try! Your beer delivery is typically chock-full of the most fruit-packed brews you can get your hands on, like Drekker’s Braaaaaaaains series and Main & Mill’s Fruited Sours (with over 1,000 lbs of fruit per batch!). When you do go for IPAs, they’re usually fruited-up Milkshake versions with luscious, tropical flavors. 

4. The Sugar Rusher

You’re all about the sweeter treats! Your beer delivery rivals a baker’s dozen, with styles brewed with chocolate, vanilla, cake batter, cookies, baking spices— you name it! Your sweet tooth is drawn like a magnet to Pastry Stouts like White Elm’s Lick the Spoon series and specialty finds like Mountains Walking’s lactose, brown sugar and cherry purée-filled Berliner Weisse (it’s aptly named “Sweets”). Succulently sweet sips give you a rush and a smile, and your favorite dessert involves popping open a can. 

5. The Dark Diver

If it’s chocolatey, boozy, and has an obsidian pour so dark that light struggles to pass through, chances are, it’s in your beer delivery. Your taste buds leap when you see “Barrel Aged,” and you aspire to have a cellar of your own. Whenever you can get your hands on a limited, new BA Stout from breweries like Anchorage, you consider yourself blessed! Occasionally, you’ll add some lighter fare to your beer box, but it’s more of an aperitif. 

6. The Wild Child

If words like “Farmhouse” and “Funk” apply, it’s a beer for you. You’re on a first-name basis with the yeast family, and you welcome nature-y brews like The Ale Apothecary’s spruce tree-fermented Sahalie — you’re a Wild Ale lover, through and through! And, if you’re going to drink any other Sour style, it’s gotta have real, mouth-puckering, tangy-tartness with notes of earth and citrus. 

7. The Easy Breezer

You like your beers refreshing and crushable, and there’s nothing better than a cold quencher on a bright, sunny day. Your beer delivery is full of Lagers, Pilsners, and Pale Ales, though you’ll snag a Kolsch like Seapine’s Candle Fly. Heck, you probably have your own beer fridge, preferably in a rec room or garage. Your beer is for enhancing activities rather than being the only activity, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

8. The Collector

Limited, limited, limited! Your beer delivery is for the truly special, hard-to-find stuff — like Fremont’s Barrel Aged Dark Star releases. When your box arrives, you unpack each beer carefully, and you store each one meticulously. It’s all about savoring the experience, never rushing. You’re a rare breed of craft fan, and even though you have certain preferences, you appreciate all styles.

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