Winter might not be the first season most people think of when they hear the term IPA. But, for hopheads, IPAs are a year ‘round indulgence. To a dedicated hop aficionado, an après ski at the bottom of the slopes is just as fitting of a place to sip a juicebomb as plopped on a cozy couch watching football. Fireside: grab an IPA. Hot tubbing: bring an IPA along for the soak. For fans of the style, there are more reasons to drink an IPA in the winter than hot cocoa. 

Winter-ready IPAs can be elusive, so to make your hunt easier, here are 7 Hoppy Winter Seasonals you can have sent straight to your door via Tavour’s independent craft beer delivery app: 

Westbrook Brewing - Santa Claw 

Santa’s elves juice it up with heaps of Azacca, Centennial, and Citra Hops so you can taste the fruits of their labor. 

Cheery bursts of drippy mangoes and candied oranges are followed by a mistletoe-kiss of hop bitterness. It’s all backed by a merry mouthfeel that’s super smooth and packed with fluffy nectar.

Best of Hands Barrelhouse - Spruce IPA 2021: A Spruce Odyssey 

It’s hard to find anything more winter-festive than Christmas tree aromas. The creative crew at Best of Hands brewed this IPA with spruce tips for resinous bursts of pine! 

They also hopped the brew with Citra and Azacca to rocket the palate through quenching, fruit-forward complexity. Juicy mango, lush tangerine, and piquant cherry flavors come in waves, leading to a lingering, lusciously bittersweet finish of evergreen and candied citrus. 

Casita Brewing x Monkish - Night Island 

This dream team brewed it with Columbus, Simcoe, Nugget, and NZ Cascade Hops for some seriously tangy dankness. Then, they kicked it up a notch by adding real orange and lemon zest. Cracking into this can is like bursting open a citrus piñata!  

But, you won’t expect it from the color. This juice-hazed Night Island is a dark-as-night Black IPA. You can trick your friends into trying it without telling them what type of beer it is, then watch their faces light up from the surprise juiciness. What better way to bring holiday cheer on a cold, dark winter’s night than with a pitch-black brew that beams with zesty flavors of sunshine?

Reuben’s Brews - Rye Crush 

Beers from Reuben’s Crush Hazy IPA series are arguably their most sought-after releases. 

With waves of cinnamon-kissed, orange-pineapple hop notes, Rye Crush evokes memories of fruity, spiced holiday baked goods. It’s a big-time taproom favorite, and is beloved behind the scenes by the Reuben’s crew.  

Hopworks Urban Brewery - Abominable

This is technically a Winter Ale, but with Simcoe, Azacca, and Centennial creating a complex, spicy, and citrusy combo, it’s more hopped-up than most IPAs, even!  

The brewers use caramel malts to sweeten it up for cozy, warming flavors hopheads crave this time of year. 

BlackStack Brewing - Murk Merchants 

This rising star brewery celebrates three years and 500 batches of beer with a hefty quadruple strength IPA!

The brewers packed MURK MERCHANTS with an insane amount of hops — we’re talking Citra, Strata, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, Simcoe Cryo, Cashmere Cryo, Talus, and Australian Galaxy! In case you weren’t counting, that’s a whopping eight types of hops!

Each velvety sip drips with the flavors of succulent pineapples, juicy oranges, creamy mangoes, and zesty grapefruit — all from that hefty hop bill. And, thanks to those smooth and supple Cryo cones, there’s barely a whisper of bitterness in this brew. 

With a taste this easy-drinking, its well-hidden 12.5% ABV is a wonderful way to warm up after a snowball fight!

Austin Brothers Beer - Murky Christmas 

From their taproom favorite Murk Series, comes Murky Christmas Holiday New England IPA. The brewers use passion fruit and peachy Galaxy, apricot lemonade-like Citra, and spiced coconut and melon-filled Cashmere Hops. 

It comes packed with a pillowy mouthfeel that explodes with juicy goodness and shouts “Murky Christmas” to your taste buds.

Good grown-up boys and girls don’t have to rely on Santa this year.  Not when Tavour delivers winter fresh IPAs like this to your house. You don’t even need a chimney!