“This beer is loud…”

That’s how the GABF medalists at New York’s Grimm describe today’s Zonk Triple IPA.

Now, if you’re like me — a.k.a. not hip to the new lingo the kids are using — you’re probably thinking, “What? How can a beer be ‘loud’?”

Well, have no fear my slang-inept friends, because I’m here to explain it to you (thanks to Google, of course).

See, while no one knows the exact origin of the term, it's usually used to describe particularly potent kush-like flavors. Take this lyric from “Just the Way I Am” by Kid Cudi, for example:

Neighbors knockin' on the door, asking can we turn it down

I say, "Ain't no music on," she said, "No, that weed is loud."

So, if we extrapolate that meaning and apply it to today’s 4.28 UT-rated quencher, it means that every ounce drips in ultra potent, mega juicy layers of hop flavor!

Which makes sense, considering the brewers triple dry-hopped the heck out of it! Citra, Simcoe, Galaxy, and Mosaic Cryo Hops all come together to form huge waves of strawberry, cantaloupe, and honeydew flavors backed by hints of the finest kush you ever tried.

And that’s not all. This boisterous brew boasts a hefty ABV that’s so deceptively disguised behind layers of pillowy soft haze, you’ll echo the sentiments of @Matthew L. on Untappd: “10% [ABV] but you wouldn’t know it...one of the best!”

Either way, you’re definitely gonna want to load up on a few cans of Zonk. And since this is the first IPA we’ve ever scored from these New York masters, we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to shout about it from the rooftops.