I love scary movies — the creepier, the better.

Take those old school classics, like Psycho. The way Hitchcock plays with light and shadow is enough to give me goosebumps, without tipping me over the edge.

And now, just in time for Halloween, comes the stuff nightmares are made of: Whiskey Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel (2020) from River North. This decadent Imperial Stout comes with an almost frightening 12.9% ABV that has me weaving some blood-curdling tales of my own!

To craft this year’s edition, the Colorado brewers partnered with local coffee maker Logan House Coffee, adding two of their special, most terrifying roasts to the brew before aging it in whiskey barrels for 6 to 9 months.

On the nose, this black-as-midnight Stout is an ambrosial bouquet of creamy mocha fudge, dark roast coffee, roasted nuts, and caramel. The velvety texture envelops your tongue like a coffin of oaky vanilla and bready malt. A hint of whiskey haunts your taste buds as subtly as an undiscovered ghost in the attic.

Craft aficionado @branham1989 rates it a spine-chilling 4.75 on BeerAdvocate, calling it “one of the best whiskey barrel aged stouts I’ve ever had.”

So go ahead, crack one open by the light of the full moon and let the nuanced flavors come to the forefront as it warms. You could even bring it with you into the shower — just watch out for shadowy figures lurking around the corner.