Insane Juice in the Membrane: It tastes like strawberry lemonade with a dank citrus kiss! Head Full of Hops: All of its berry kush character comes from a luxurious dry-hopping session with Mosaic and Simcoe. Ease Your Mind: The brewers use a bountiful malt bill of soft wheat and oats to create a pillowy mouthfeel your taste buds could nap on.

To reach the gigantically juice-forward KCBC in Brooklyn, hop on the ‘L’ train. Squish your way past trendy college kids (and 40-somethings dressed like trendy college kids) gabbing about vinyl records.  

Deboard the train, and take a stroll through Maria Hernandez Park. Watch out for flying handballs, listen to the bongos of Puerto Rican beats booming. Then, snag a cheesy, doughy Salvadorian pupusa from a food truck on your way to the Bushwick neighborhood’s juicy epicenter that is KCBC.

If you’re lucky enough to stop by on the right day, pick up a pack of This is Your Brain on Hops Imperial IPA.

Tavour members that have gotten a taste of its well-hidden 8.5% ABV agree — they’ve given each release in the series 4+ ratings!

This is Your Brain has been a standout juicebomb series of 2020. Want a taste of what NYC hopheads are hoarding? Here’s your chance.