“Wow! As soon as I opened the can, I could smell the hops! Boy is that tasty and smooooth!” @Robert K.

“Knocked it out of the park for this boozy brew!! Well done River North!” @Jonathan H.

“Too bad it doesn't come in tallboys!” @Ryan W.

The brew masters at River North are all about big ABV, big flavor, and big beer energy. They’re one of the Mile High City’s pillars of craft beer* for good reason!

But, that’s just it — their big brews like the Hop-a-Tronic Lupulositor Imperial IPAs rarely stray far from Denver. And, even if they did, the brewery NEVER repeats the hop combos for these highly-limited juicebombs.

Which means, this is probably your one and only chance to get a taste of today’s Strata, Citra, and Idaho 7 rendition!

Each sip is like diving headfirst into a river of juicy oranges, succulent pineapples, and sweet-tart passionfruit. A hint of dank mango and candied grapefruit peel round out the smooth and nectarous mouthfeel.

And, at a robust 10.5% ABV, it’s like sipping on a tropical spritzer at a tiki bar!

Whether you reach for this stand-out Triple after a long workday or share it with a hop-loving buddy, it’s sure to whisk you away to IPA paradise. So, don’t risk missing out — grab a couple cans of this Tronic chronic before it disappears for good!

*The Colorado Beer Festival Gold Medalists at River North are considered one of the Centennial State’s craft staples. They helped transform Denver’s River North neighborhood into the city’s premier craft destination!