Hop-ically Tropical: Piles of Vic Secret, Strata, and Ekuanot Hops drench this beer in a cloudburst of fruity flavors. The Eye of the Juice Storm: Each sip is a deluge of ripe pineapple, tangy passionfruit, and ruby red grapefruit, along with a rustle of resinous pine on the finish.

First off, we need to shout a big CONGRATULATIONS to Elder Pine Brewing & Blending — they’re one of USA Today’s Top 10 New Breweries of 2020!

And, with brews like today’s epically juicy Stormgazer, they’ve definitely earned their spot on the list. This tropical thunder has fans falling all over themselves for a sip.

The lucky few who have already tasted this brand new release call it “extremely light and fluffy,” and “SMOOTH!” But, don’t be fooled — this hop-storm packs a belly warming 8.4% ABV! Which you won’t taste even a hint of, because the brewers packed this Double IPA with wheat and oats, for a body that’s fluffier than a cumulus cloud.

You probably weren’t honored by USA Today this year, but everyone has something to celebrate, even if it’s just getting a can of this hyper-limited beer. But, before you get lost in its tropical flavors, maybe take a minute to toast Elder Pine, too. It’s not everyday you get named one of the country’s best new breweries!