Today’s Triple NEIPA from Bearded Iris has me floating away in a hoppy reverie, drifting on a flavor cloud of vibrant passionfruit, ripe melon, and pithy grapefruit. I just wish I could hit Reverse Reverse, and travel back in time to when my can was full again!

Of course, Bearded Iris is known for their IPA brewing mastery. According to Thrillist and Beer Connoisseur they’re crafting some of the best IPAs in the country!

Reverse Reverse brims with huge, juicy hoppiness from mysterious amounts of Strata, Sabro, and Citra Hops, and a sleuthy 9.5% ABV. The exact science of their skill we can only guess — Bearded Iris likes to keep their coveted hop recipes top secret.

To be truthful though, I’d rather leave those details to the pros and focus on the smooth, juicy flavors of this amazing hopbomb! I’m also too busy trying to snatch up more cans of Reverse Reverse, which if I’m being honest, is easier to do here on Tavour than through time travel!