Before you read the story of how today’s 4.37 Tavour member-rated Pastry Stout was created, you should know that we have less than 420 bottles available, so time is of the essence!

Doug Dozark went from a Starbucks coffee slinger to a Cigar City intern, to the founder and headbrewer at one of the most sought-after breweries in craft.

He took the same innovative mindset he developed at Cigar City with him when he launched Cycle Brewing. Six years later, his brewery rocks an outstanding 4.21 rating on Untappd — higher than the Dark Beer behemoths at 3 Floyds, Holy Mountain, and Toppling Goliath!

And today’s treat is Cycle’s almost-pudding-thick Rare DOS 1 Barrel Imperial Stout. This mammoth brew:

  • Is soaked in an 11% ABV.
  • Pulls in a ridiculously huge 4.36 UT-rating.
  • Has been aged for over a year in Angel’s Envy Whiskey Barrels!

Barrel-Aged Stout connoisseurs will tell you, this beer is the last of a delicious era, because brewers are no longer able to acquire Angel’s Envy barrels since the distillery was bought out.  

Leave it to Doug at Cycle to not only get his hands on Angel’s Envy barrels, but to also master aging with them. He aged Rare DOS 1 for a full year in these sought-after whiskey barrels, bringing out notes of oaky vanilla fudge that swirl around chocolatey flavors of devil’s food cake. It makes today’s whiskey-spiked wonder taste like a spoonful of ice cream cake.

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