When it comes to crafting IPAs that burst with citrusy-deliciousness, the skilled brewers at New Image feel “the use of hop terpenes are a legitimate game changer!”

All I can say is, the rivers of drippy mango, sumptuous papaya, sweet pineapple, and pithy grapefruit flavors — ALL from the Idaho 7 Hop terpenes — are most certainly changing my expectations when it comes to a single hops’ delicious potential!

What are “hop terpenes,” you ask?

They’re the aroma and flavor compounds found in hops, and with careful technique, they can be extracted into liquid form. When they’re added into a 9.5% ABV Imperial IPA like today’s, this liquid provides even more potent, juicy flavors than whole hops can!

The result tastes like a scoop of mango sorbet, topped with freshly sliced grapefruit and a bit of lime zest!

It comes as no surprise that IPA fans on social media are eagerly hopping aboard the tropical terpene train:

  • “Tons of pineapple, low bitterness, great beer!” @Chris T.
  • “Absolutely killer!” @Anthony W.
  • “The way Idaho 7 is used here is remarkable. Terpenes enhance the flavor, keeping everything juicy while piney. Delicious stuff!” @Andrew

It’s no wonder they gave it an astounding 4.28 on UT! Only one question remains: are you ready to rediscover Idaho 7’s juicy potential with the rest of us?