This beer was created in a lab — basically. The gifted brewers at Equilibrium are MIT graduates and professional scientists who channel passion and a heckuva lot of science into their craft.

All of which helps explain why Mass Fluxes — a stunning 8.1% ABV Imperial IPA — is such a huge hit among New York hopheads. They gave the brew a whopping 4.37 on Untappd and are raving how it’s “So gooood!”

The Equilibrium team offers a very scientific explanation of how they crafted this juicy sipper (involving a precise mathematical model, plenty of trial-and-error, and some top-secret ingredients). Though, like those Northeast craft fans, we’re too mesmerized by the brew’s fresh-squeezed grapefruit and lemongrass aromas, gushing mango and OJ flavors, and big, chewy body to manage specifics.

One sip and you’re bound to agree – Equilibrium may be all about scientifically fine-tuning their craft, but today’s Mass Fluxes tastes like nothing short of brewing magic.