Why would I — a longtime resident of Seattle, where it seems like it rains 320 days out of the year — want to crack into a beer called High Rainfall?

You might think it would remind me of the constant wetness I have to endure. But, as a matter of  fact, it’s one of the best bandages I’ve found for the dreary days of nonstop Seattle rain.

The methodically motivated brew scientists at Ology crafted this doozy of a brewski with a deluge of tropical fruity Azacca, Citra, and Sabro Hops. AND, they gave it a massive 11% ABV to help take my mind off the raindrops that pitter-patter against my window.

Which means, while it may be pouring cats and dogs outside, I’m chillin’ on my couch, pretending that I’m poolside at the 4 Seasons in Bora Bora while sipping on a pineapple-and-blood orange creamsicle smoothie.

In other words, I’m in paradise, baby! And apparently, so are the Tallahassee locals imbibing in this plush hazebomb:

  • “Maybe the best of its kind I have had. Seriously. Drinks like a Pilsner.” @Panayotis L.
  • “Boom! Killer Triple IPA. All that beautiful hop flavor, NOT hot, and more importantly NOT too sweet!” @Paul W.
  • “Unreal. Drinks like 5%. I’m about to hear colors.” @Colin S.

Me too, Colin! And thankfully, none of those colors start with “G” and end with “ray!” I tell you, come hell or High Rainfall, I’m choosing High Rainfall every time.