“Fermented and aged in Missouri oak. Finished on Madagascar vanilla beans and freshly roasted Klatch coffee. 15.5% ABV. The result brings soooo much dark chocolate.”

That’s from Anchorage Brewing’s release announcement for today’s fudgy Doomed Imperial Stout. The brewers posted it just days ago, and they’re already completely sold out at the taproom!

We can’t blame those Alaskan craft fans for rushing to these bottles like they’re liquid gold. Head Brewer Gabe Fletcher and his nationally acclaimed crew coaxed out some ridiculously opulent mocha flavors in this dark, boozy silk. While the mouthfeel flows smoothly, the oak aging deepened the semi-sweet notes of the coffee and chocolatey dark malts, wrapping them in a toasted caramel-like glaze.  

Heck, it’s because of masterful brews like Doomed that Thrillist named Anchorage one of the Best Breweries in the Nation!

But, the brewery’s popularity makes their decadent creations all the more difficult to catch in time. If you have any buddies up in Alaska, it’s best not to brag too much about the bottles you manage to snag here today!