A trio of music-loving brothers started Eagle Park Brewing Company in one of the biggest and most famous brewing cities in the U.S. — Milwaukee, WI.

That was three years ago, and already local craft fans and national publications alike call their beers some of the best in the region! USA Today even listed them as the 2nd Best Brewery in the Country in 2019!

So, when we got the chance to bring Tavour members a double dry-hopped, hazy version of one of Eagle Park’s most popular NEIPAs, Demon Haze, we jumped on it!

And we’re mighty glad we did. This hopjuice is as awesome and as filled with tasty licks as the alt rock musicians that adorn the can. It’s no surprise hopheads have already rated it a 4.27 on UT!

DDH Demon Haze has “Gorillaz” sized amounts of Mosaic, El Dorado, and Idaho 7 Hops. It explodes with potently delicious flavors of lush pineapple, cheery orange, and a deliciously dank pine hoppiness from double dry-hopping.

@Pat M. praises its smooth balance: “Really Good! A NEIPA with a slight bitterness, but little sweetness. A really nice balance of fruit and pine. Well done!”

@Mark T calls it “Pure awesomeness!!!”

Have enough sips and you might just start singing that hip-hoppy Gorillaz song: “I’m happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a...can!”