It might be time to slide your beer fridge into the living room, because once you have a pint of DDH Couch Kush’n in your hand, you won’t want to leave the sofa.

The brewers at Ohio’s DankHouse dosed this Imperial IPA with over 5 lbs of hops per barrel. First, they used plenty of Galaxy and Enigma, so every drop overflows with flavors of fresh OJ, drippy peach, and tangy blueberry. Then, they amp it up even further with the intense guava/melon flavor of rarely seen Medusa Hops.

On the finish, a rustle of resinous pine insists that you’ve got nothing to worry about except that next sip.

If the name of this brewery sounds familiar, it might be because Hop Culture dubbed them One of the 12 Best New Breweries in the Country. Or, it’s because they were featured in Forbes.

Locals can’t get enough of this crew’s brews. They actually had to upgrade to a brand new 10-barrel brewing system just a few months ago, and then still can’t keep up with demand. Even with that increased capacity, we only managed to get 20 cases of Couch Kush’n for Tavour!

This is the very first time Josh and Heather Lange — the husband and wife brewery founders — have ever canned this 4.50 UT-rated juicebomb, and we have the only stash leaving Ohio.

So, if you’re in need of something to sip while you kick your feet up and do absolutely nothing, just snag a few cans of Couch Kush’n and settle in. And, if you don’t set up your fridge right next to your favorite easy chair, at least set up a cooler.