You guys know I freakin’ love Girl Scout cookies, but Samoas are my all-time favorite!

Every year, I buy enough of these chocolate-coated, coconut n’ caramel cookies hoping they’ll last me long after the Girl Scouts stop knocking on my door. But within weeks, my stash runs completely dry.

THANKFULLY, there are decadent Dark Beer treats like Coconut & Vanilla Infinite Wishes from Smog City to hold me over in the meantime!

The award-winning crew brewed this Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout using vanilla and 250 lbs of real coconut per batch for extra powerful pastry flavors. Then they aged it for 11 months in Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill barrels for a heavenly touch of Bourbon-y caramel!

Intense aromas of cinnamon and vanilla dominate the senses at first, but take a sip, and it’s all caramel-covered coconut bliss. Notes of melty chocolate mingle with the warming sweetness of whiskey and rich toffee. Meanwhile, a heavy nuance of vanilla softness flows all throughout the silky smooth, roasty pour.

You don’t need a Girl Scout to bring you this liquid Samoa of a Stout. Just be sure you grab yourself enough bottles to last until the real cookie queens come knocking!

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