I’m almost certain you haven’t heard of Adventurous Brewing yet.

Everything they brew is insanely small-batch — only seven barrels-worth, to be precise. And, because their head brewer, Chris Trelstad, believes in pushing the envelope with every release, you likely won’t ever see the same Adventurous brew twice!

Today’s Cinnserely is no exception. To make it, Chris shows off his flavor fixations with over 900 lbs of specialty malt grains in the base Stout. These grains mix and mingle to give the beer powerful notes of chocolate-covered raisins and Montmorency cherries. Then, the brew crew kicks it up a notch by conditioning the beer on pounds of whole ceylon cinnamon sticks for up to 3 weeks!

Each silky sip is flush with flavors of cinnamon-kissed chocolate and ripe dark fruit. It’s like getting a mouthful of fresh-baked oatmeal raisin cookies in every gulp — and with an entirely undetectable 12% ABV, to boot.

Rather than hunting for cans of this scrumptious cinnamon Stout around Iowa, you can get your first taste of Adventurous right here. Make it snappy though — we have only 23 cases to go around, and that’s basically all that exists outside the taproom!