The crew at White Elm calls today’s Caférrado (2020) a Double Vanilla Imperial Stout, so naturally they started with a massive pile of Mexican and Madagascar vanilla beans. The ribbon of creamy vanilla they impart balances against the chocolate malts of the Stout — like a swirly soft-serve cone.

Then, they added real Ceylon cinnamon, Guajillo chilis, and coarsely ground coffee for extra roasty mocha notes.

Impressive, right? We’re just getting started!

To create a rich layer of boozy caramel and spicy oak, the brewers aged Caférrado in carefully selected barrels. Part of the blend spent 18 months in 13 year Willett Rye Barrels, another part slumbered for a full year in 16 year Willett Rye Barrels, and some aged for 8 months in 4 year Willett Rye Barrels.

Bring it all together, and it’s like a gently spicy, whiskey-spiked, Mexican chocolate mocha. YUM.