Five cases.

That’s all we have of today’s 2018 Vintage Big Bad Baptista! If you miss it, you will almost certainly never have another chance at a bottle.

Epic Brewing’s Baptist Stout series is legendary, with massive UT scores across the board. And this vintage was already dangerously smooth for a 12% ABV brew when it launched two years ago. Now, it’s been cellared into silky waves of fudgey, cinnamon-spiced deliciousness!

Complex notes of caramel and oak from Bourbon Barrel Aging are still front and center. Roasty flavors from aging on coffee are a bit more subdued by cellaring, and the chocolate flavors from a pile of cacao nibs are more pronounced than ever!

On the finish, it’s all about cinnamon and vanilla for a creamy, Mexican chocolate-like drinking experience!

Draft Mag says it tastes like “cinnamon frosting on a chocolate cake.” No arguments here! Get yours before our tiny stash vanishes forever.