Hubbard’s Cave rarely repeats any edition of their popular Pot de Crème series. But today’s chocolate-drizzled decadence is the exception.

Make that QUITE the exception. Not only did those Dark Beer masters bring back Chocolate & Blackberry Pot De Crème Imperial Stout due to popular demand, but they aged it in oak barrels for 14 months!

Grab a taste, and it’s mocha and dark jammy goodness all the way. The boozy 12% ABV relaxes you further into semi-sweet chocolatey heaven with each sip.

And if we told you it was brewed with real chocolate, blackberries, vanilla beans and lactose, you’d just nod and say, “Yeah, I can taste ALL of that.”

Or you would say that, if your mouth wasn’t already full of thick and fudgy Imperial Stout deliciousness.