If you want a shot at one of the 108 bottles of today’s 4.32 Untappd-rated Double Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout, you need to think like a New Yorker, and act without hesitation!  

For those that are always grinding, coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a lifeline. So, knowing where to get the best cup o’ joe on any given block in the city is a vital step to becoming a real New Yorker.

That’s why, when Brooklyn’s Interboro crafted today’s elevated Stout, they didn’t mess around with anything but top-shelf whiskey barrels to amplify the dark roast coffee notes and choice roasted malts in their taproom favorite Ambassador.

They double barrel-aged this brew for over a year! First in High West Rye Whiskey Barrels, and then in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels — both decorated in top honors as Distillers of the Year!

It tastes like a finely crafted mocha with notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, charred leather, spiced caramel, and vanilla toffee.