Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after IPAs we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Other Half Brewing Co. - DDH Double Mosaic Dream Imperial IPA

Every New Year’s Eve, we make the same resolution: drink better beer!

That’s why come January, we’ll be diving straight into DDH Double Mosaic Dream from Other Half! While everyone else is hitting the gym and finally cleaning out their basements, we’ll be getting 2021 started right: with this hoppy, hazy beer from one of the country’s most celebrated juice-slingers.

Vinepair even named them one of the Most Important Breweries of the Decade! 

If you have a ‘drink better beer’ resolution you’re looking to check off, all you have to do is crack open this covet-worthy juicebomb. It boasts a perfect 100/100 score on BeerAdvocate, AND ranks among the Top 30 Imperial IPAs on earth on Untappd!

To create it, the team at Other Half took their beloved Mosaic single IPA, and added ultra-potent Mosaic Cryo-hops. Imagine blending a scoop of peach sorbet into a pineapple, papaya, and mango smoothie, and you’ll have an idea of what you’re in for.

Maplewood Brewery - Juice Pants New England IPA

When you visit the Windy City, there’s a short list of breweries you CANNOT MISS. Among the obvious, more famous Chicago crews, you’ll find the under-the-radar hazemakers at Maplewood.

It’s a pretty safe bet your buddies don’t even know about these guys — their coveted juicebombs rarely leave the Midwest. Though, if you do make it to the Maplewood Lounge, we HIGHLY recommend you order their ever-popular and hazy-as-heck, Juice Pants

This hyped-up brew is a vibrant showcase of citrusy deliciousness! Juice Pants plays on the OJ potency of Citra and Citra Cryo Hops and the papaya-dankness of Mosaic and Mosaic Cryo Hops. Every smooth sip tastes like you’re drinking a carton of Orange Juice in between bites of a ripe and drippy peach.

Even the folks at Chicago Magazine and The Chicago Tribune call Juice Pants critical to the Windy City’s haze craze. They say it’s THE beer to drink from Maplewood!

Drekker Brewing Company - Multiple Ectogasms New England IPA

North Dakota may not have a reputation as a Hazy IPA destination the way places like California or New York do. But, breweries like Drekker in Fargo are changing that at alarming rates.

Thrillist even says, “If this were a big beer town like Denver, Drekker would be an easy standout.” They command an arsenal of incredibly highly rated Hazy IPAs that craft junkies near and far feverishly covet, like this fan-favorite, Multiple Ectogasms.

“Who can send to me in VA?!?” begs @stewie5588. “I wish there was a Drekker in Philly!” bemoans @kjnsbtch. These people catch wind of a new batch of Multiple Ectogasms being released and can’t help it! But, who can blame them? 

Loaded with copious amounts of grapefruit-laden Citra and berry-soaked Mosaic Hops, we bet just one sip of this golden-opaque sipper would have you crying out for more, too. 

Aroma: Green and fruity like a walk through a citrus grove. Flavor: Brimming with enough drippy mango, succulent stone fruit, and resinous pine notes to soak the World’s Largest Buffalo (in Jamestown, ND) in tropical, hoppy bliss. Mouthfeel: Softer than the breeze blowing across the Great Plains. 

Mirage Beer Company - Derecho New England IPA

Getting a hold of the one-of-a-kind hopjuice from Seattle’s Mirage is like capturing Bigfoot.

Unless you miraculously manage to snag a spot in their coveted bottle club, until now, high-tailing it to a local bottle shop was your only shot at a stash! 

As soon as head brewer Michael Dempster posts a new release on Instagram, you can practically hear the herd of hopheads taking to the streets. They know that Micheal never makes the same beer twice.

That includes today’s Derecho NEIPA. This two-man brew crew stuffed it with heaps of Ekuanot, alongside a double dry-hopping of Motueka, El Dorado, and Riwaka Hops. Each luxuriously full-bodied sip swirls with succulent flavors of drippy papaya and luscious mango, balanced by a bit of earthiness and a pinch of pine — ALL from the “stupid amount” of hops. 

The mouthfeel? Smooth as silk. Thick as freshly-squeezed OJ. Softer than a well-loved sweatshirt. 

Kings County Brewers Collective - This is Your Brain on Hops: Mosaic + Simcoe - Imperial New England IPA

To reach the gigantically juice-forward KCBC in Brooklyn, hop on the ‘L’ train. Squish your way past trendy college kids (and 40-somethings dressed like trendy college kids) gabbing about vinyl records.  

Deboard the train, and take a stroll through Maria Hernandez Park. Watch out for flying handballs, listen to the bongos of Puerto Rican beats booming. Then, snag a cheesy, doughy Salvadorian pupusa from a food truck on your way to the Bushwick neighborhood’s juicy epicenter that is KCBC.

If you’re lucky enough to stop by on the right day, pick up a pack of This is Your Brain on Hops Imperial IPA

Tavour members that have gotten a taste of its well-hidden 8.5% ABV agree — they’ve given each release in the series 4+ ratings! 

Insane Juice in the Membrane: It tastes like strawberry lemonade with a dank citrus kiss! Head Full of Hops: All of its berry kush character comes from a luxurious dry-hopping session with Mosaic and Simcoe. Ease Your Mind: The brewers use a bountiful malt bill of soft wheat and oats to create a pillowy mouthfeel your taste buds could nap on. 

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