Offense Picks

  1. Lineman: Orange Creamsicle Shake - Milkshake IPA, Westbrook Brewing, 7.0% ABV
  2. Quarterback: All Rise - New England Double IPA, Imagine Nation Brewing, 7.9% ABV
  3. Tight End: Fresh IIPA V34 - Imperial IPA, Hubbard’s Cave, 8.5% ABV
  4. Running Back: Knight Vision - Imperial IPAAnchorage Brewing, 8.4% ABV
  5. Wide Receiver: Henny Colada - Sour IPA, Gun Hill Brewing, 7.5% ABV
  6. Fullback: West Coast Story - West Coast IPA, Culmination Brewing, 6.2% ABV

Defense Picks

  1. Lineman: Berliner Messe: Alleluiavers - Berliner Weisse, The Referend Bier Blendery, 4.0% ABV
  2. Middle Linebacker: OAKtoberfest - Marzen Lager, Rahr & Sons Brewing, 9.6% ABV
  3. Outside Linebacker: Puff Tart XL ‘Berryzsplosion’ - Fruited Sour, The Brewing Projekt, 6.96% ABV
  4. Cornerback: Modern Rhymes - Pilsner, Resident Culture Brewing, 5.0% ABV
  5. Safety: Coffee Porter - Coffee Porter, Smog City Brewing, 6.0% ABV

And now, an in-depth look at the positions on this year’s beer field!

The Offense

A good offense makes an impression and goes the distance. Considering the style’s thunderous popularity in the past decade, Tavour recommends loading up on a versatile gamut of IPAs. Right upfront, all along the offensive line are boldly thick Milkshake IPAs. Like with Westbrook Brewing’s Orange Creamsicle Shake, the often-fruited bodies and lactose additions mean big flavors worth going in for the tackle.

For the quarterback, a New England-style IPA brings straight juice power. Like Tom Brady, some say it’s already peaked. Still, there’s no denying the usually hazy style remains a choice pick for brewers and craft fans alike. Think Imagine Nation’s New England IPAs in Montana — the style has traveled far from its Northeast origins, but it has a lot of life left. 

 Meanwhile, Imperial IPAs bring the strength needed for other powerful offense slots. The Fresh IIPA series out of Hubbard’s Cave in Illinois would do nicely as the tight end with its usual 8%+ ABVs and huge hop quantities. Likewise, Anchorage Brewing’s powerful hopbombs bring fast, bright bursts of flavor as running back. 

 For wide receiver, there’s the Sour IPA — a younger, daring style that’s moving fast! The cocktail-inspired Henny Colada Sour IPA from New York’s Gun Hill has the flash needed here. 

 Finally, the West Coast IPA fills the strong and sturdy fullback slot, a.k.a. the offense’s unsung hero! Just as the fullback clears the way for his teammates, the West Coast IPA paved the road for all the creative IPAs seen today. The pine-forward, clean-sipping style packs a wallop with its intense hop aromas and bracing bitterness — qualities wholeheartedly embraced in brews like West Coast Story IPA from Oregon’s Culmination.


The Defense

While most eyes are on the offense, a formidable defense can steal the game at any moment!  For the front defensive line, Tavour suggests going for the element of surprise. They may look light and calm on the surface, but The Referend Bier Blendery’s Berliner Messe lineup from New Jersey secretly packs fruited and funked-up brilliance. Their bright complexity and juicy fruit additions like berries and stone fruit helps them hold their own in the company of more aggressive beer styles.  Of course, the middle linebacker calls for a bit more depth and strength. Fortunately, the football season kicks off just as Oktoberfest-style beers are starting to crop up. Hailing from Texas, Rahr & SonsOaktoberfest is the extra high ABV, barrel-aged Marzen Lager that has what it takes this year! 

A good outside linebacker is fast and has some tricks up his sleeve. So, Tavour opts for a Fruited Sour, like The Brewing Projekt’s Puff Tart series out of Wisconsin. Not only are these beers extremely juicy from massive amounts of real fruit, but the addition of marshmallow flavor makes them even smoother and quickly sippable. 

When it comes to the cornerback, both craft beer fans and fantasy players need a teammate who often flies under the radar but makes play after play. A good Pilsner like Resident Culture’s Modern Rhymes from North Carolina. This Pils delivers crisp, quenching flavor right before it tackles the taste buds with hoppy floral notes. It’s a crowd-pleasing team player that knows how to bring it! 

Last but certainly not least, the safety positions are the final line of defense for the whole time. A Coffee Porter offers the mocha intensity needed, as seen with Smog City Brewing’s version. This California Coffee Porter boasts the strength of real roasted coffee! Its lingering flavors intercept others and keep the game going long after the initial sip, so it’s basically the Marcus Williams of beer. 

A packed beer fridge contributes fun to any fantasy football season. No matter what picks this year’s fans make, it all starts with having great choices. With the Tavour app, fans can customize their team of beers and make it a season to remember!